Cuphead DLC: All new weapons/charms

Cuphead's got a brand new arsenal!

Cuphead and his friends are back for another escapade in The Delicious Last Course. A new adventure means more weapons and charms for players to collect. While plenty of older weapons are at your disposal, you’ll want to try out the new arsenal on Inkwell Isle IV.

There are three new weapons along with three unique charms in The Delicious Last Course. We’ve listed each new weapon and charm and their price in the shop. While these items are pricey, they’re well worth the fees. The following items are some of the best in the game.

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Cuphead’s New Weapons

Cuphead Delicious Last Course Ms. Chalice claymation
Image via Studio MDHR
  • Crackshot (Four Coins)
    • Straight shot with good damage. Breaks into weaker aimed projectiles.
      • EX: P. Turret
  • Converge (Four Coins)
    • Full screen piercing three-way shot. Holding the lock button also narrows the spread.
      • EX: Electro Bolt
  • Twist-Up (Four Coins)
    • Rapid-fire shot with arced pathway and average damage.
      • EX: Cyclone Spiral

Cuphead’s New Charms

Cuphead Mugman Ms. Chalice claymation
Image via Studio MDHR
  • Astral Cookie (Free)
    • Play as Ms. Chalice and get her Double Jump, Dash, Parry, and Invincible Roll.
  • Heart Ring (Three Coins)
    • Gain 1 HP on your first, third, and sixth parry.
  • Broken Relic (One Coin)
    • A simple bauble of unknown origin.

Once you purchase your new items and gear, remember to equip them in the Equip Menu! You can swap each charm out between levels to fit the circumstances better. You’ll need to equip the Cookie Charm to play as Ms. Chalice, so using others means you’ll forfeit this new character. We recommend using Ms. Chalice, as she’s an excellent alternative to Cuphead and Mugman with her own move set.

Cuphead Saltbaker reminder
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Cuphead, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice will need all the help they can get to beat the bosses on Inkwell Isle IV. Besides brutal new bosses and unique weaponry, players can expect new music and characters like Chef Saltbaker. All in all, it’s an excellent DLC, well worth the purchase.

For more on Cuphead, including guides on the Delicious Last Course’s bosses, stay tuned to Press SPACE to Jump!

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