Cuphead: How to beat Glumstone The Giant

Take down this titan with the right tactics and tools!

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course offers plenty of new bosses for players to battle. The first foe in the DLC, Glumstone The Giant, provides a serious challenge. If you’re unprepared, it could be a stressful fight. Follow our guide to take this titan down with ease.

Once you make it to Inkwell Isle IV and talk to Chef Saltbaker, you’ll start your quest to gather ingredients for the Wondertart. Glumstone offers a serious challenge even as the first enemy in this DLC, but with the right tools, this fight isn’t as tough as it seems.

Weapons and Charms

Cuphead Weapons Converge Crackshot Astral Cookie Super III
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Before you start the boss battle in Gnome Way Out, you’ll need the right weapons and charms equipped. We recommend the following kit for your struggle with Glumstone the Giant.

  • Primary Weapon: Crackshot
  • Secondary Weapon: Converge
  • Charm: Astral Cookie
  • Super: III (Ghostly Barrage)

Head to Porkrind’s Emporium if you’re missing the Crackshot or Converge weapons. Super III resides in Mausoleum III on Inkwell Isle III.

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First Phase

The Glumstone fight requires players to platform constantly. The ground hides an army of gnomes. If you walk on the floor’s surface, these enemies appear and touching them hurts. Stay on top of the platforms as much as possible during this phase. We recommend using Converge during Phase One.

Cuphead Glumstone The Giant Phase One open mouth
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Glumstone often begins the fight by opening his mouth and exposing several gnomes. These gnomes will shoot smoke puffs out of a pot. Dodge the purple puffs while parrying the pink ones to build your super meter.

Glumstone Phase One Ms Chalice
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Another attack sees Glumstone summoning a bear to scratch anything in its path. Move to the front platform to avoid taking damage, and remember to avoid the ground if possible. Watch out for turquoise gnomes with hammers that strike platforms, as shown above on the far left. These minions will give you trouble if you’re not paying attention.

Occasionally, the gnomes on the bottom level exhume themselves and throw gold nuggets toward you. Keep your eye on the bottom level and avoid projectiles during this phase.

Cuphead Glumstone the Giant Geese
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

The final attack in Glumestone’s first-phase arsenal is the Geese Crossing. Here, Glumstone calls a legion of birds to swarm the stage. Get to a low-hanging platform to avoid this gaggle of geese, and duck down to ensure your safety.

We recommend using a super during this phase to expedite this process. Ms. Chalice’s Super III creates a storm of pots that cross the screen horizontally. This weapon is an excellent tool for the first and final phases of the fight.

Cuphead Glumstone phase two
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Once you see Glumstone rip out his beard, it’s time for the second phase of the boss fight. He’ll disappear briefly before returning with a new look and move set.

Second Phase

During the second phase of the Glumstone fight, the giant pulls two puppets over his hands. These King Dice and Devil puppets pass a ball back and forth. To avoid getting hit by the ball, hide below one of Glumstone’s arms. Switch to the Converge weapon and lock in place to focus fire on the arm.

Cuphead Delicious Last Course Glumstone Ms Chalice
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Watch out for gnomes crawling through the ground, as they’ll pop up and hurtle towards you. Keep a close eye on the bottom of the screen as you’ll see these little enemies coming up the mountain. They’ll also make a bulge in the ground before they pop up. We recommend using Converge to pop these mythical menaces as they get close. Keep an eye out for pink gnomes, as you can parry them for the super meter.

Cuphead Delicious Last Course Glumstone phase two Ms Chalice
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

At the end of this phase, Glumstone will pick up the mountain, destroy it, and swallow you, initiating the final part of the battle.

Cuphead Delicious Last Course Glumstone final phase  Ms Chalice
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

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Final Phase

The final phase of the Glumstone battle takes place inside the giant’s stomach. Here, you’ll use five platforms to target the living mass at the top of the tunnel. As soon as you start this phase, swap to the Crackshot, as it’ll help immensely. Once you do, don’t stop shooting, as the weapon targets the boss for you.

Though the focus of this fight is the entity above, make sure to watch out for projectiles from several sources. Darts come from both sides, shot by gnomes. Watch out for pink darts and parry them when possible.

Cuphead Glumstone the Giant Final Phase
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

The mass above fires two types of projectiles. When the boss fires drumsticks, the platform nearest to them will swallow them and dive underwater. You’ll have to wait until they resurface to use the platforms again. Until then, avoid the stomach acid where each platform once stood.

When the boss fires bones at the platforms below, they’ll open up with a pink bell waiting inside. You’ll need to parry these platforms to make them habitable again. Continue firing the Crackshot while avoiding the hazards of the final phase until the boss falls. If you’ve got a super, hop into the air and fire it off to finish this phase quickly.

Cuphead Glumstone the Giant Final Phase
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

To see our A+ video walkthrough of the Glumstone The Giant boss battle, check out the video below:

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