Cuphead: How to beat Mortimer Freeze

Put Mortimer on ice with the right weapons, charms, and strategies!

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is the long-anticipated DLC for the 2017 indie darling, Cuphead. While fans can finally fight a new group of baddies on Inkwell Isle IV, Cuphead, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice have their work cut out for them, and these bosses are even more brutal than the base game’s offerings. Mortimer Freeze is no pushover, so use these strategies to take him down.

Though you can approach the bosses on Inkwell Isle IV in any order, we recommend fighting Mortimer Freeze fourth. Before starting this fight, tackle Glumstone The Giant, the Moonshine Mob, and The Howling Aces.

Weapons and Charms

Cuphead Mortimer Freeze Weapons and Charms
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Before you start Snow Cult Scuffle, ensure you have the right weapons for your fight with Mortimer Freeze. We recommend equipping Cuphead with the following weapons and charms for this boss battle:

  • Primary Weapon: Crackshot
  • Secondary Weapon: Converge
  • Charm: Astral Cookie
  • Super: III (Ghostly Barrage)

Crackshot and Converge are excellent new weapons included in The Delicious Last Course. Head to Porkrind’s Emporium on Inkwell Isle IV to purchase these new weapons. Ms. Chalice’s Super III: Ghostly Barrage is available once players complete Mausoleum III on Inkwell Isle III with any character.

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First Phase

Mortimer Freeze’s boss battle starts in a standard one-level arena, and the boss will hover above players, floating from left to right. We recommend Crackshot for this part of the boss battle, as its auto-aiming projectile will follow Mortimer no matter where he flies.

Cuphead Mortimer Freeze Mage Icicles
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

This corrupt wizard uses several special attacks during the first phase of the Mortimer Freeze battle. The first attack in his arsenal sees him summon four Ice Spirits by lifting his cape. These enemies plant themselves in the ground before running along the stage floor. Dodge their initial dive and use your weapon to destroy them after they start moving around the stage.

Cuphead Mortimer Freeze tarot cards
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Additionally, Mortimer will summon a table and shoot Tarot Cards down. These cards are large and travel slowly. Make sure to dodge each Tarot Card as it appears. Some of these cards are pink, so parry them when you can for extra super energy.

Cuphead Mortimer Freeze whale icicles
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

The last attack during Mortimer Freeze’s first phase sees him slam a Giant Orange Whale down on the stage. When you see him remove his hat, get some distance from the boss. This attack is quick, so use dashes and dodge rolls to avoid taking damage. One plus of the Giant Orange Whale is its ability to destroy the Ice Spirits. If you can, lure Mortimer towards his allies to have him destroy them for you.

Cuphead Mortimer Freeze end phase bell
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Once Mortimer pulls out a small yellow bell, the first phase is over. You’ll have a few seconds to deal damage before he transforms, so keep firing at him while he’s preoccupied.

Second Phase

For the second phase of the Mortimer boss fight, Mortimer transforms into a Snow Monster. While he is more aggressive than Mortimer’s first form, he’s a bigger target. Switch to the Converge weapon and start shooting the boss.

Cuphead Mortimer Freeze snowman phase 2
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

The Snow Monster stays airborne for several seconds, and while it might not seem like much, the damage you deal during this segment is precious. Keep the pressure on until he hits the ground.

Cuphead Mortimer Freeze snowman roll
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

During this phase, the Snow Monster will often roll between each side of the arena, damaging anything in his path. His Snow Roll allows him to barrel to the other side of the screen, and he can even launch himself upwards with this attack.

If you have a super ready, we recommend using this ultimate attack once the Snow Monster rolls across the screen. This attack can be challenging to dodge, but the Ghostly Barrage can buy you a few seconds of invincibility to avoid damage when the Snow Monster rolls forward. Remember to parry the pink spear Ghostly Barrage leaves behind for extra super energy.

Cuphead Mortimer Freeze refrigerator ice
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

In addition to his Snow Roll, the Snow Monster can transform into a Giant Refrigerator. This form affords him new attacks. One move lets him shoot several Ice Cubes from his stomach. Get ready to dodge these Ice Cubes when the lower cabinet opens up. Two to three of these projectiles spawn each time, with two size variations. Regular Ice Cubes break into two smaller objects, while Large Ice Cubes break twice, creating four obstacles.

Stay grounded during this attack. It is far easier to dodge these Ice Cubes when on the ground. Carefully move between each Ice Cube as it falls. Use dodge rolls and dashes as necessary to avoid damage. Remember to keep firing, as every bit of damage counts.

Cuphead Mortimer Freeze popsicles icecubes
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

The Snow Monster can also shoot Popsicles from the top portion when assuming the Refrigerator form. These projectiles will head to the background before looping back from the right side of the stage. Take care to avoid these objects while looking out for Pik Popsicles. Parry these minions when you can, to pocket super energy.

Cuphead Mortimer Freeze ground spikes
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Finally, the Snow Monster can slam the ground before summoning four Metal Spikes from the ground. After the boss pounds the floor, back away and look for cracks in the foundation. The formations will show where the spikes spawn, so space yourself accordingly.

Cuphead Mortimer Freeze end phase 2
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

When the Snow Monster transforms into a snowflake and platforms appear, this signifies the end of the second phase. Make your way up these frozen platforms to reach the final venue of this fight.

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Final Phase

While the final phase is a different enemy entirely, we suggest sticking with the Converge shot, as Mortimer’s final form is larger than the Snow Monster, making it an easy target. Be advised that the Snowflake can move from the right and left sides of the screen. You’ll also need to hop between five rotating platforms during the final phase of the Mortimer Freeze boss battle, so get ready to use Ms. Chalice’s double jump and dashes.

Cuphead Mortimer Freeze Final Phase Eyeball laser
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Mortimer’s Snowflake form gives him another array of attacks, with the first letting him send his Eyeball flying across the stage. This Eyeball will shoot three lasers across the stage. Stay out of its way and dash ahead in between laser blasts.

Cuphead Mortimer Freeze Final phase ghost
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

When Mortimer Freeze summons an Astral Projection of himself, it will loop around the stage. Get ready to evade, as this is a tell for a new type of minion: Snow Cones.

Cuphead Mortimer Freeze Final phase snow cones
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

After the Astral Projection returns to the Snowflake, four Snow Cones appear, homing in on Ms. Chalice. Dodge this attack by hopping between platforms, using jumps, dashes, and dodge rolls to avoid taking damage.

Cuphead Mortimer Freeze bucket attack
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Another attack sees Mortimer open up the chin of the Snowflake as his hands appear from a door. Mortimer can rotate the snowflake upside down for this attack, so be careful.

After a quick startup animation, Mortimer shoots Buckets that fly across the stage. Some of these buckets are pink so parry them when you can. Once you dodge these projectiles, turn your eyes to the other side of the screen.

Cuphead Mortimer Freeze Final Phase moon projectiles
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Once each bucket reaches the opposite side of the screen, it breaks into three Moon Pieces that travel back toward you. Carefully dodge these projectiles as you fire on Mortimer. Remember that if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, use the Ghostly Barrage super to buy yourself a few seconds of invincibility.

Cuphead Mortimer Freeze Final Phase buckets
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Switch to Crackshot for a weapon that homes in on Mortimer, even when you’re avoiding attacks. It’s a great choice when overrun with projectiles. Alternate weapons as needed for this final part of the fight.

Keep poking at the boss with attacks until you see the following screen, signifying the end of your fight with Mortimer Freeze:

Cuphead Mortimer Freeze knockout
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

That’s another boss down from Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, and with only a few left to go, you’re well on your way to making Ms. Chalice real.

To see our complete A+ walkthrough of the Mortimer Freeze boss battle, watch the video below:

For more on Cuphead, including other boss guides, check out our other articles at Press SPACE to Jump!

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