Cuphead: How to beat the Moonshine Mob

These bootlegger bugs are up to trouble. Take 'em down!

Cuphead returns for The Delicious Last Course! Here, players can battle new bosses on Inkwell Isle IV. The second fight in this expansion is the Moonshine Mob. These bootlegging bugs are a pest, but you’ll squash these lawbreakers with the correct info.

While you can fight bosses on Inkwell Isle IV in a different order, we recommend starting with Glumstone The Giant and working your way down to the Moonshine Mob after. Once Glumstone is out of the picture, take a trip to see these naughty bugs.

Weapons and Charms

Cuphead Weapons and Charms
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Before you head into Bootlegger Boogie, we recommend outfitting your character with the following weapons and charms to fight the Moonshine Mob:

  • Primary Weapon: Crackshot
  • Secondary Weapon: Converge
  • Charm: Astral Cookie
  • Super: I (Spiral Pillar)

You can purchase Crackshot and Converge from Porkrind’s Emporium after you start the Delicious Last Course. Ms. Chalice’s first Super I is available to those who completed Mausoleum I on Inkwell Isle I.

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First Phase

The Moonshine Mob fight inhabits a three-leveled environment. You’ll need to hop between these levels to avoid the boss and its minions. Because your focus splits between the boss and platforming, we recommend using Crackshot as your primary attack.

Cuphead Mobster Spider Phase One
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

During the first phase, You’ll target the Spider Mobster. While you fight him, the boss will travel between the three stages, walking off-screen before moving to another. Ant Cops also shoot poisonous smoke across the stage. These minions spawn on both sides at the end of each platform. Watch out for pink smoke clouds; you can parry these to build your super meter.

The Spider Mobster also has several attacks at his disposal. One attack sees him use a telephone to call Fly Mobsters to assist him during this fight. When he puts the phone to his head and screams, be prepared for a wave of enemies.

Cuphead Mobster Spider Mobster Flies
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

While the Fly Mobsters aren’t strong, touching them will hurt you. The Spider Mobster can and often will use other attacks from his arsenal while the Fly Mobsters are active, so try to finish them off quickly to prevent getting overwhelmed.

Use Crackshot to Fly Mobsters before focusing on Spider Mobster again. Ant Cops can also spawn during this attack, so keep your eyes on the sides of the screen. Just like the Fly Mobsters, you can kill Ant Cops.

Cuphead Mobster Spider Caterpillar
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Another attack from the Spider Mobster sees him kick a Caterpillar across the stage in a diagonal pattern. The caterpillar bounces on the edges of the screen. We recommend using dashes and dodge rolls to stay out of its path. If left unchecked, the caterpillar will rebound across the stage multiple times. Use Crackshot to break it and remove this annoyance.

Cuphead Mobster Spider Skull Bombs
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

The final attack in Spider Mobster’s catalog sees him press a button to summon Skull Bombs that hang on different levels of the stage. Walking too close to these bombs will cause them to explode, so either avoid them or trigger them intentionally to clear the field.

When you see stars and smoke surround the Spider Mobster’s head, the first phase is over, and the second phase begins.

Second Phase

For the second phase, players fight the Light Bug. This enemy spawns on the middle platform with a Phonograph. While she’s setting up, get below her and fire off your Crackshot to deal some damage.

Cuphead Light Bug
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Once the Light Bug is ready, she’ll start dancing around the middle platform. Once she does, her Phonograph will shoot six sound waves out in a rotating pattern. These waves emit three colors with varying meanings:

  • Green: Safe
  • Yellow: Warning
  • Red: Harmful

Once the beams become red, avoid them at all costs. Run, jump, platform, and use dodge rolls to prevent taking damage from this attack. Be on the lookout for Ant Cops, as they’ll run across the top and bottom platforms with bats. Just like before, you can kill them.

Cuphead Light Bug Phonograph
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Occasionally, dancing moonshine barrels will populate the stage. Some of these moonshine barrels are pink, which means more parries. Make your way to these enemies carefully, avoiding the sound waves if possible. Let it go if you can’t find a safe way to approach the barrel. It’s better to avoid taking damage in this situation.

Cuphead Light Bug Moonshine Barrel
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

When the Light Bug slumps over on the ground and cries, this signifies the end of the Second Phase. You’ll have a few seconds to catch your breath before the third phase begins. Grab any pink moonshine barrels for easy parries while you wait.

Cuphead Light Bug end of phase
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

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Third Phase

During the third phase, a giant Anteater spawns, revealing an Announcer Snail underneath his bowler hat. Use your Spiral Pillar super to whittle the boss’s health down as soon as this phase begins. This phase is challenging, so you’ll want to speed through it if possible.

Cuphead Anteater
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

The Anteater will stretch its snout through both sides of the map, extending its tongue. The Anteater has two separate attacks with its tongue during this phase.

  • Short attack: Quick tongue flick that doesn’t cover the map
  • Long attack: Extended tongue maneuver that stretches across an entire floor.

Stay in the middle of the map to avoid taking damage from light tongue flicks. When a long tongue attack comes, get ready to move. You can dash parry this attack and double jump to a platform for safety afterward. You can only hurt the Anteater while his snout is exposed, so equip Crackshot and keep firing at the nose when it appears.

Cuphead Anteater Tongue parry
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

After a long tongue attack, the Anteater will swallow Ant Cops and Fly Mobsters, spitting them across the screen. Stay away from the end of the snout, as the Anteater can hurt you with the spit animation. These enemies will bounce around the stage.

Multiple bug clusters can populate the stage at once, so dodge carefully or attack these insect masses to disperse the projectile.

Cuphead Anteater Bug bomb
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

After players beat the Anteater, they’ll get a Fake Knockout screen. Don’t believe this ruse. The fight is not over. Stay alert, as you’ll have one final enemy to beat to end this boss fight: the Announcer Snail.

Cuphead Fake Knockout
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Final Phase

Once the Knockout sign disappears, the Announcer Snail attacks. He’ll shoot soundwaves from his megaphone, so stay mobile. We recommend swapping to Converge and using EX attacks to make short work of this phase. Once you’re out of EX meter, switch back to Crackshot and let the homing projectiles finish the boss off.

Cuphead Announcer Snail final phase
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

The final phase won’t take long, so stay on your toes and avoid any damage to conclude the battle and defeat the Moonshine Mob! You’ll know the fight is truly over when you see the following screen:

Cuphead moonshine mob knockout
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

With that, you’ve beaten the second boss in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course!

To see our A+ Moonshine Mob video walkthrough, watch the video below!

For more on Cuphead, including more boss battle walkthroughs, stay tuned to Press SPACE to Jump!

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