Cuphead: How to start The DLC

Find Cuphead's latest journey on Inkwell Isle IV.

Cuphead, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice are back in The Delicious Last Course! The long-awaited DLC for Studio MDHR‘s indie darling is available now. Veteran players can pick up where they left off and immediately start new content. Here’s how you can begin the DLC for Cuphead with ease.

Follow the steps below to start your adventure on Inkwell Isle IV and fight the array of new bosses.

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Starting the Delicious Last Course in Cuphead

Make sure to buy the DLC before continuing. We’ve got links to each storefront here:

1. Return to the Cuphead Overworld

Load your Cuphead save after you’ve bought the Cuphead DLC. When you return to the overworld, you’ll get a message from a new NPC. He’ll tell you to meet him on The Coast. Confirm this message to regain control of Cuphead/Mugman. If you don’t get this message immediately, travel to another Isle, and the message should appear. So long as you’ve cleared the first Mausoleum on Inkwell Isle I, you can participate in this content.

Cuphead Delicious Last Course NPC
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

2. Head to The Coast on any Inkwell Isle

After talking to this new NPC via message, head to the coast of any Isle. Each Isle has a route to the boatman. Once you find the NPC, approach him and press the button prompt to start a conversation. You’ll find his locations below:

On Inkwell Isle I, he lies just below the first Mausoleum on the far right side of the map. Look for the fish with a fishing rod to his left.

On Inkwell Isle II, the boatsman sits to the right of the Beppi the Clown boss arena. Above, you should see Quadratus, the lake that tells you how many times you’ve died during your playthrough.

On Inkwell Isle III, it’s the boatsman sits below the Cala Maria boss arena and the Pacifist Turtle. You should see the final Mausoleum on the far left side as well.

Cuphead Delicious Last Course
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

3. Select ‘Yes’ when Talking with the NPC

While talking to this mysterious boatsman, he’ll ask if you want to depart to Inkwell Isle IV. Select Yes during your conversation to head to Inkwell Isle IV.

Cuphead Delicious Last Course select yes option
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

4. Enjoy The Delicious Last Course!

Once you finish these steps, you’ll start your journey to Inkwell Isle IV. Here, you’ll meet The Legendary Chalice, Chef Saltbaker, and a horde of new enemies to fight. It’s a good day for a swell battle, so we hope you’re ready for some challenging boss battles!

Cuphead Delicious Last Course boat ride
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

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