Current Battle Royale map rotation in Apex Legends

Which Apex Legends maps can you play on this season?

From the beginning, Apex Legends has always been defined by it’s large and colorful maps. The Battle Royale game mode started off with just a single map, but now has four unique maps that the game cycles between. While Battle Royale has had one or two maps in rotation for a season in the past, the usual rotation lately has been three maps. Let’s take a look at this season’s map rotation.

Current Battle Royale Map Rotation

Season 14 Hunted map rotation
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Kings Canyon reenters the rotation with a brand-new map update. Similar to several of the most recent seasons, there are three maps in rotation for Season 14: Hunted.

  • Reforged Kings Canyon (Debut)
    • Ranked Split 1
  • Monstrous Storm Point (Updated S13)
    • Ranked Split 2
  • Decimated World’s Edge (Updated S10)

Current map in rotation

If you want to know which Apex Legends map is currently in rotation without logging into the game, you can visit the Map Rotation page of Apex Legends Status. It will show you the Battle Royale map rotation, the Ranked map rotation, and the Arenas map rotations and any LTMs too. This page is in sync with the game itself, rather than just being an overview of each season.

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Previous Battle Royale Map Rotation

While two of last seasons maps are still a part of the current line-up, Olympus is in the vault for Season 14: Hunted. This is a big upset for a lot of players, because many consider Olympus to be the best map, while they consider Storm Point to be the worst.

  • Monstrous Storm Point (debut)
    • Ranked Split 1
  • Decimated World’s Edge (Updated S10)
    • Ranked Split 2
  • Sabotaged Olympus (Updated S12)

Reminder that the maps in rotation for Battle Royale rotate constantly, while in Ranked, there is only one map for the first half, and one map for the second. The third map will only be around for Trios, Duos, and LTMs.

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