Does Gotham Knights look any better at Summer Game Fest?

The night is darkest just before the dawn, not sure if the dawn is coming though.

It’s no secret that Gotham Knights got a lukewarm reception when the gameplay demo dropped in early May. The 13-minute showcase of the upcoming DC title was underwhelming to many, with slow combat and floaty controls that lacked the oomph of the Batman Arkham franchise.

With just over four months until the game launches on consoles and PC, players are skeptical at best for the future of the Gotham series. Though titles like Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League have kept hope alive for DC fans, can Gotham Knights redeem itself before it launches in October?

Gotham Knights Gameplay Demo

For reference, the infamous Gotham Knights gameplay trailer is listed below with all glitches and bugs present:

One of the biggest complaints with this showcase is the lack of meaningful activities. DC Montreal spends most of the time focusing on confounding topics. Almost half of the showcase highlights swapping gear, cutscenes, and upgrades. Players can discover these things independently, and showing them in a showcase isn’t enthralling. Furthermore, it’s just tedious to watch. People don’t play Gotham games for gear upgrades and legendary items. WB Montreal focused on the worst aspects of this game, a stellar oversight on their part.

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Gotham Knights Nightwing Trailer

During Summer Game Fest, Gotham Knights got a new trailer on Nightwing, and you can watch it below:

Thankfully, it seems the team at WB Montreal got the message. In the Nightwing trailer, the gameplay looked smoother, especially during traversal portions, and this could be due to the heavy editing. Additionally, the game trailer focuses on the things players want to do in a Gotham game: combat. Additionally, there aren’t awkward conversations between characters this time. Gotham Knights isn’t the best-looking game during Summer Game Fest, but it at least looks playable. Be that as it may, it just might scratch the itch of longtime Gotham fans, tiding them over until Suicide Squad’s launch.

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