Each Character’s Special Abilities in Octopath Traveler 2

Know your allies.

Octopath Traveler 2 introduces a new cast of characters following their individual stories as they journey through Solistia. Each character has a particular class with a unique skill to help them navigate the world. Check each of the eight protagonists’ skills here.

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Octopath 2’s Travelers and Their Path Actions

Octopath traveler classes hikari
Image via Square Enix

Depending on the time of day, your traveler can use one of two Path Actions. View the table below to see the Traveler, their Path Action, and what it does in Octopath Traveler 2. Players can swap the time of day at any point (given they aren’t in a scripted encounter) by tapping the right trigger on their respective controller.

TravelerPath Action

HIKARI KU thumbnail
Hikari Yu
Day: Challenge—Duel townspeople; learn new skills from them if you’re victorious.
Night: Bribe—Pay townspeople for information.

Agnea thumbnail
Agnea Bristani
Day: Allure—Call townspeople to follow you and use their aid in battle.
Night: Entreat—Convince townspeople to give you free items.
Partitio Yellowil thumbnail
Partitio Yellowil
Day: Purchase—Buy items from townspeople.
Night: Hire—Pay townspeople to fight with you in battle
Osvald thumbnail
Osvald V. Vanstein
Day: Scrutinize—Gather information from townspeople. Osvald must be at the appropriate level.
Night: Mug—Rob townspeople of their belongings
Temenos thumbnail
Temenos Mistral
Day: Guide—Lead townspeople wherever Temenos goes
Night: Coerce—Get information from townspeople

Throné thumbnail

Throné Anguis
Day: Steal—Take townspeople’s belongings
Night: Ambush—Knock townspeople unconscious
Ochette thumbnail
Day: Provoke—Challenge townspeople to battle. Fail, and your reputation will suffer.
Night: Befriend—Give townspeople food and make new friends, taking them with you afterward.
Castti thumbnail
Castti Florenz
Day: Inquire—Obtain information from townspeople. Castti must be at the appropriate level.
Day: Soothe—Administer medicine to townspeople, putting them to sleep and soothing their pain.
Info and images via Square Enix

While all eight Travelers are playable in Octopath Traveler 2, you’ll need to start with one of them before you gather the others. The traveler you choose at the beginning of the game cannot be removed from the party, so make sure you go with one you want to use often.

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