Each of the playable races in Final Fantasy XIV

Find out which Final Fantasy XIV race is best for you.

Final Fantasy XIV offers various races for players to select on their journey throughout Eorzea. There are plenty of unique choices when creating characters, but choosing the right fit isn’t always easy. Check your options before venturing into this expansive MMO.

You can find Final Fantasy XIV’s playable races below and a preview with info on these races.

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Final Fantasy XIV Playable races and genders

Hyur (Male and Female)

The Hyur are a race from outside Eorzea. A migrant race in a strange land, the Hyur brought technology with them. The Hyur race consists of Midlanders, who frequent cities, and Highlanders, who stick to the mountains.

  • Midlanders (left)
  • Highlanders (right)
  • Male and Female options
Final Fantasy XIV Hyur race
Image via Final Fantasy XIV Wiki

Miqo’te (Male and Female)

The humanoid Miqo’te also immigrated to Eorzea from distant lands. This race exhibits catlike features, including ears, slitted eyes, and a tail that helps them keep balance. Seekers explore the entirety of Eorzea, while Keepers often stay in the Black Shroud.

  • Seeker (left)
  • Keeper (right)
  • Male and Female options
Final Fantasy XIV Miqo'te race
Image via Final Fantasy XIV Wiki

Elezen (Male and Female)

The Elezen are the race that’s inhabited Eorzea the longest, cohabitating with the newest residents of the continent. Most Elezen are tall and slim, with two distinct sects. The Wildwood Elezen integrate into civilization, while the Duskwight stick to caves and isolated areas.

  • Wildwood (left)
  • Duskwight (right)
  • Male and Female options
Final Fantasy XIV Elezen Race
Image via Final Fantasy XIV Wiki

Roegadyn (Male and Female)

The Roegadyn are a large race that often sails the seas. Most are from the Sea Wolves clan and live as fishermen, but some become adventurers. The Hellsguard lives near a volcano said to guard the gates to the underworld and have high heat resistance.

  • Sea Wolves (left)
  • Hellsguard (right)
  • Male and Female options
Final Fantasy XIV Roegadyn race
Image via Final Fantasy XIV Wiki

Lalafell (Male and Female)

The small and adorable Lalafell hail from the lands south of Eorzea. Originally farmers, commerce from across the ocean opened up routes to Eorzea. With travel, new possibilities arose and a new lifestyle. Plainsfolk were once hut-dwellers and sport lighter skin with fairer hair tones. Dunesfolk, former herders, are often darker.

  • Plainsfolk (left)
  • Dunesfolk (right)
  • Male and Female options
Final Fantasy XIV Lalafell
Image via Final Fantasy XIV Wiki

Au Ra (Male and Female)

Au Ra is the first new race introduced in Final Fantasy XIV alongside the Heavensward Expansion. The Au Ra come from lands to the far East of Eorzea with dragonlike features that set them apart from other races on the continent. Male and Female Au Ra offer staunch differences, with males towering over their counterparts. The Raen clan has lighter scales and horns, while the Xaela exhibit darker extremities.

  • Raen (left)
  • Xaela (right)
  • Male and Female options
  • Heavensward Expansion required
Final Fantasy XIV Au Ra
Image via Final Fantasy XIV Wiki

Hrothgar (Male)

The lion-like Hrothgar joined the playable roster during the Shadowbringers expansion. The Hrothgar come from Ilsabard. Though there are female Hrothgar, only the males are playable. The Hrothgar’s Helion clan observes a matriarchal society, serving a queen for life. In contrast, the Lost are nomadic and often take on traveling professions.

  • Helions (left)
  • The Lost (right)
  • Male option only
  • Shadowbringers Expansion required for Male Hrothgar
Final Fantasy XIV Hrothgar
Image via Final Fantasy Wiki (German)

Viera (Male and Female)

Female Viera joined the playable cast when Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringer launched. Male Viera weren’t an option until Endwalker. Viera are isolationist by nature, sticking to their forests in the Golmore Jungle unless the situation requires otherwise. Like the Hrothgar, Viera observe a matriarchal society. Men are primarily defenders, while women take on other societal roles.

  • Male and Female options
  • Shadowbringers Expansion required for Female Viera
  • Endwalker Expansion required for Male Viera
Final Fantasy XIV Viera
Images via Final Fantasy XIV Wiki

Regardless of what race you decide on, you can adjust your look. To do so, you’ll need a Phial of Fantasia, though players get one for free during the A Realm Reborn story.

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