Every Prize Tracker reward for the 4th Anniversary Collection Event in Apex Legends

This Rewards Track is jam packed!

It’s time to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Apex Legends, and there are plenty of rewards to unlock on the Prize Tracker. Unlike most events in the game, anniversary events have a lot more unlockable content without needing to pay any in-game currencies or real life money. Most of the rewards on this list are created by the Apex Legends community. Let’s take a look.

4th Anniversary Collection Event Prize Tracker Rewards

4th Anniversary Collection Event Challenge Prize Tracker
Screenshot by Radiant G

The 4th Anniversary Collection Event has 22 non-premium items unlockable through gameplay spread over 12 tiers. The tiers begin at 250 event points, and end at 5,000 points. This is the complete list of every reward from the 4th Anniversary Collection Event Prize Tracker, alongside the point value you unlock them at. Event points can be earned via completing daily challenges during the 4th Anniversary Collection Event.

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Year 4 Anniversary Collection Event Packs (Epic) | 5,000 and 3,500 points

4th Anniversary Collection Pack
Screenshot by Radiant G

Static Specter (Epic Wattson Skin) | 4,000 points

Static Specter
Screenshot by Radiant G

City Celebration (Epic Banner Frame) | 3,500 points

City Celebration
Screenshot by Radiant G

Year 4 Anniversary – GOrlassar (Rare Transition) | 3,000 points

Year 4 Anniversary - GOrlassar
Screenshot by Radiant G

Arctic Fusion (Epic Fuse Skin) | 2,500 points

Arctic Fusion
Screenshot by Radiant G

Storm Point Sunset (Epic Banner Frame) | 2,500 points

Storm Point Sunset
Screenshot by Radiant G

Reality Eradicator (Epic Wingman skin) | 2,000 points

Reality Eradicator
Screenshot by Radiant G

Here Comes The Party (Epic Holospray) | 1,500 points

Here Comes The Party
Screenshot by Radiant G

Gone Fishing (Epic Banner Frame) | 1,250 points

Gone Fishing
Screenshot by Radiant G

Daemon Hunter (Epic C.A.R. skin) | 1,000 points

Daemon Hunter
Screenshot by Radiant G

4th Anniversary (Epic Holospray) | 1,000 points

4th Anniversary Holospray
Screenshot by Radiant G

Surf’s Up (Epic Banner Frame) | 750 points

Surf's Up
Screenshot by Radiant G

Year 4 Anniversary – _miyann (Rare Transition) | 500 points

Year 4 Anniversary - _miyann
Screenshot by Radiant G

Year 4 Anniversary (Epic Badge) | 250 points

Year 4 Anniversary badge
Screenshot by Radiant G

Non-Cosmetic Rewards

Apex Pack Apex Legends
Screenshot by Radiant G
  • 5 Apex Packs (Rare) | 4,000, 3,000, 1,250, 750, and 500 points
  • 50 Crafting Metals (Rare) | 2,000 and 1,500 points

Login Rewards

Anniversary Music Pack
Screenshot by Radiant G
  • Anniversary Music Pack
  • Unlock Crypto (Feb 14-21)
  • 1 Crypto Thematic Apex Pack (Feb 14-21)
  • Unlock Ash (Feb 21-28)
  • 1 Ash Thematic Apex Pack (Feb 21-28)

4th Anniversary Collection Event Prize Tracker is available from February 14 until February 28. After February 28, the rewards will no longer be unlockable. Unlike with items in the event collection itself, these rewards will not have any chance of returning to Apex Legends at a future date. Event points can only be earned through gameplay.

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