Every Prize Tracker reward for the Harbingers Collection Event in Apex Legends

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In the Apex Legends Harbingers Collection Event, while most may be looking at the event collection itself, or the rockin’ guitar axe heirloom that Fuse got from Bloodhound, there are also a fair share of… less expensive… items players and pick up. All of the non-premium rewards for the Harbingers event are as usual, on the Prize Tracker. Complete the tracker to unlock a limited time Mad Maggie skin. Let’s take a look.

Harbingers Collection Event Prize Tracker Rewards

Harbingers Collection Event Challenge Prize Tracker
Screenshot by Radiant G

The Harbingers Collection Event has seven limited-time cosmetics through unlockable gameplay spread over 12 tiers, as well as some non-cosmetic rewards. The tiers begin at 250 event points, and end at 5,000 points. This is the complete list of every reward from the Harbingers Collection Event Prize Tracker, alongside the point value you unlock them at. Event points can be earned via completing daily challenges during the event.

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Glyph Rebellion (Epic Mad Maggie Skin) | 5,000 points

Glyph Rebellion
Screenshot by Radiant G

Epitaph (Epic Sentinel Skin) | 4,000 points

Screenshot by Radiant G

Judge’s Helm (Epic Weapon Charm) | 2,000 points

Judge's Helm
Screenshot by Radiant G

Small But Unholy (Epic Holospray) | 1,500 points

Small But Unholy
Screenshot by Radiant G

Rise Above (Epic Mad Maggie Frame) | 1,250 points

Rise Above
Screenshot by Radiant G

Doom Squad (Epic Holospray) | 750 points

Doom Squad
Screenshot by Radiant G

Harbingers (Epic Badge) | 250 points

Harbingers Badge
Screenshot by Radiant G

Non-Cosmetic Rewards

  • 10 Battle Pass Stars | 500 points
  • 3 Battle Pass Stars | 3,000 and 1,000 points
  • 25 Crafting Metals (Rare) | 3,500 and 2,500 points

The Harbingers Collection Event is live in Apex Legends from September 19 until October 3.

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