Everything to know about Final Fantasy XIV’s Free Trial

Priceless fun for a free price.

Final Fantasy XIV, the critically acclaimed MMORPG from Square Enix, takes advantage of the rich lore from the series to create a truly unforgettable and immersive game world. Still, arguably the best part about the game is its free trial. Therefore, in this guide, we will go over everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XIV’s free trial.

What is Final Fantasy XIV’s Free Trial?

Final Fantasy XIV’s free trial will allow all new players to play the game and try it out for themselves before committing to a purchase. However, I would not really call it a trial at all. It will allow you to play the game all the way to level 60, through A Realm Reborn and Heavensward with no restrictions on playtime. That’s over 150 hours of playtime all without spending a single cent on the game.

Final Fantasy XIV's free trial - Classes
Image via Square Enix

You are able to create up to eight different characters, and you are able to level up as many jobs to level 60 as you want before you even buy the game. Final Fantasy XIV’s free trial offers an insane amount of content all for the great value of zero dollars.

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What are Final Fantasy XIV’s Free Trial restrictions?

I was going to go over everything you can do with the free trial, but it’s actually much easier to go over the very few restrictions. Here is everything unavailable to you as a trial player.

  • Usage Restrictions – You are only able to hold 300,000 gil at any given time. Additionally, you cannot use the chat features: shout, yell, or tell, the market board, trading, the Moogle delivery service, retainers, or Free Companies.
  • Linkshells – You cannot create linkshells or cross-world linkshells. However, it is possible to join linkshells and cross-world linkshells.
  • Parties – You are unable to use the party finder to recruit members, but you are able to join parties created by other players.
  • PvP – The player versus player feature is not available to free trial players.
  • Official Community Site – Trial players cannot use their account to sign into the Lodestone or forums.
  • Companion App – Trial players cannot sign into the official companion app.

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How beginner-friendly is FFXIV?

Final Fantasy XIV's free trial - Titan
Image via Square Enix

Having a huge free trial means nothing if your game is hard for new players to get into. Luckily, Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most beginner-friendly MMORPGs there is. Because of a feature called the Novice Network, new players can begin the game without any worry of being confused or left behind.

When new players join the game, they become branded with a little green sprout next to their name. This is to let other players know that you are a brand new player. As a sprout, you get access to the Novice Network in-game chat. This is where new players can ask Mentors for help and receive answers to any questions they have. A crown next to a player’s name symbolizes that they are a Mentor. These players specifically signed up to help out new players.

Lastly, doing group activities as a new player is a fantastic experience. Almost everyone will be understanding of any mistakes you make when they see that sprout next to your name. Your party members will also receive extra rewards for helping you complete the dungeon. They will earn extra rewards for swiftly completing the objective and making your experience better.

Final Fantasy XIV’s free trial is a great feature, and anyone who is even slightly interested in the game should give it a try. After all, it costs you nothing to try it out and potentially find your new favorite game.

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