Everything you need to know about Apex Legends’ Weapon Mastery

I wonder what Lifeline's mastery would be with the Mozambique...

Mastery is a way to show your proficiency with a particular character or weapon. Or it could be a way to say that you spent a ton of time using them. Either way, if you have a favorite weapon in Apex Legends and you really want to let others know how good you are with it, then you’re in luck, as Weapon Mastery is making its way into the game with Season 17: Arsenal. If you’re wondering how this new mechanic is going to work, we’re going to share all the details with you here.

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How Apex Legends’ Weapon Mastery Works

Apex Legends' Weapon Mastery, weapon summary
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To fully master a weapon, you’ll need to complete five trials. Every 20 levels, you’ll unlock a trial, making the max level for a weapon level 100. To get levels, you’ll need to gain XP, which you can get just by playing the game. Some of the ways you can gain XP is by:

  • Dealing damage with that weapon
  • Having the weapon in hand
  • Getting kills or assists with that weapon

Completing all five trials and reaching that coveted level 100 means you’ “mastered” that particular weapon. On top of that, you’ll receive badges, lifetime trackers, and a banner, all of which you can display on your profile. However, if that’s not enticing enough for you, reaching mastery will guarantee you a Legendary skin for that particular weapon.

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