FFXIV: All of the post-game quests in Stormblood

Clear the way for Shadowbringers by clearing this quest list.

Final Fantasy XIV, better known as FFXIV, offers several massive expansions for players to enjoy. After players complete Stormblood, they’ll have to tackle post-game quests before beginning Shadowbringers.

While FFXIV often lets players know their next mission, having a list can help keep track of your progress. The Post-Stormblood Main Scenario Quests are your gateway to the Shadowbringers expansion.

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FFXIV: Post-Stormblood Quest List

FFXIV A requiem for heroes post stormblood
Image via Square Enix

We have the complete FFXIV MSQ Post-Stormblood quest list below. There are 40 missions in this quest strain.

Quest TitleAreaLevel
Arenvald’s AdventureRhalgr’s Reach70
The Darkness BelowRhalgr’s Reach70
The Mad King’s TroveThe Lochs70
The Butcher’s BloodThe Lochs70
Echoes of an EchoThe Lochs70
A Sultana’s StringsThe Lochs70
A Sultana’s DutyThe Lochs70
A Sultana’s ResolveThe Gold Saucer70
Securing the SalteryThe Walking Sands70
A Blissful ArrivalThe Lochs70
Return of the BullThe Lochs70
Tidings from the EastRhalgr’s Reach70
The Sword in the StoreKugane70
Hope on the WavesKugane70
Elation and TrepidationThe Ruby Sea70
Storm on the HorizonYanxia70
His Forgotten HomeThe Doman Enclave70
A Guilty ConscienceYanxia70
Rise of a New SunKeinkan70
Gosetsu and TsuyuRuby Bazaar Offices70
Gone Like the Morning DewThe Doman Enclave70
Fruits of Her LaborYanxia70
Conscripts and ContingenciesKienkan70
The Primary AgreementKienkan70
Under the MoonlightKienkan70
Emissary of the DawnThe Rising Stones70
Sisterly ActThe Rising Stones70
Feel the BurnKienkan70
Shadows of the EmpireThe Doman Enclave70
A Power in SlumberKienkan70
The Will of the MoonThe Azim Steppe70
The CallThe Azim Steppe70
Prelude in VioletThe Lochs70
Soul SearchingThe Rising Stones70
A Defector’s TidingsThe Dravanian Hinterlands70
Seiryu’s WallKienkan70
Parley on the Front LinesKienkan70
The Face of WarAlliance Headquarters70
A Brief ReprieveThe Rising Stones70
A Requiem for HeroesThe Lochs70
Info via Square Enix

Can You Skip post-Stormblood in FFXIV?

How Long to Beat lists this set of missions taking around 23 hours to complete. Those who want to skip the post-Stormblood content in FFXIV can purchase the Tales of Adventure: Stormblood item from the Online Store. If you’re willing to spend $20, you can skip straight to The Syrcus Trench and start Shadowbringers.

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