FFXIV: All of the quests in Endwalker

The End of Days arrives in Eorzea.

FFXIV released its latest expansion, Endwalker, in 2021 to fan and critical acclaim. Players, new and old, pour countless hours into the story of this game even now. Head to Elpis and stop the End of Days in the finale to all Final Fantasy XIV content thus far.

Though this expansion is a seasoned great to FFXIV, it is a massive time sink. Keeping track of so many quests gets confusing, but with the right guide, it becomes manageable. Each mission in this expansion falls into the Endwalker Main Scenario Quests.

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FFXIV: Endwalker Quest List

FFXIV Endwalker Quest list moon elpis five days
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You can find all Endwalker Main Scenario Quests, but keep in mind there are 118 missions in this quest strain.

Quest TitleAreaLevel
The Next Ship to SailThe Rising Stones80
Old Sharlayan, New to YouOld Sharlayan80
Hitting the BooksOld Sharlayan80
A Seat at the Last StandOld Sharlayan80
A Labyrinthine DescentOld Sharlayan80
Glorified RatcatcherLabyrinthos80
Deeper into the MazeLabyrinthos80
The Medial CircuitLabyrinthos80
The Full Report, Warts and AllLabyrinthos80
A Guide of SortsLabyrinthos80
Estate VisitorOld Sharlayan80
For Thavnair BoundOld Sharlayan80
On Low TideThavnair80
A Fisherman’s FriendThavnair80
House of DivinitiesThavnair80
The Great WorkThavnair80
Shadowed FootstepsThavnair80
A Boy’s ErrandThavnair80
Tipping the ScaleThavnair80
The Satrap of Radz-at-HanThavnair80
In the Dark of the TowerOld Sharlayan81
The Jewel of ThavnairThavnair81
The Color of JoyRadz-at-Han81
Sound the Bell, School’s InOld Sharlayan82
A Capital IdeaOld Sharlayan82
Best of the BestThe Lochs82
A Frosty ReceptionThe Lochs82
Tracks in the SnowGarlemald82
How the Mighty Are FallenGarlemald82
At the End of the TrailGarlemald82
A Way ForwardGarlemald82
The Last BastionGarlemald82
Personae non GrataeGarlemald82
His Park MaterialsGarlemald83
No Good DeedGarlemald83
Alea Iacta EstGarlemald83
Strange BedfellowsGarlemald83
In from the ColdGarlemald83
Gateway of the GodsGarlemald83
A Trip to the MoonThe Nethergate83
Sea of SorrowMare Lamentorum83
The MartyrMare Lamentorum83
In Shadow’s WakeMare Lamentorum84
Helping HandsMare Lamentorum84
A Harey SituationMare Lamentorum84
A Taste of the MoonMare Lamentorum84
Styled a HeroMare Lamentorum84
All’s Vale That EndsvaleMare Lamentorum84
Back to Old TricksMare Lamentorum84
Setting Things StraightMare Lamentorum84
Heart of the MatterMare Lamentorum84
Returning HomeMare Lamentorum84
Skies AflameOld Sharlayan85
The Blasphemy UnmaskedRadz-at-Han85
Amidst the ApocalypseRadz-at-Han85
Beyond the Depths of DespairRadz-at-Han85
That We Might LiveThavnair85
When All Hope Seems LostThavnair85
Warm Hearts, Rekindled HopesThavnair85
Simple PleasuresThavnair85
Under His WingThavnair85
At World’s EndRadz-at-Han85
Return to the CrystariumRadz-at-Han86
Hope Upon a FlowerThe Crystarium86
Petalouda HuntElpis86
In Search of HermesElpis86
Ponder, Warrant, Cherish, WelcomeElpis86
Lives ApartElpis86
Their Greatest ContributionElpis86
Aether to AetherElpis86
A Sentimental GiftElpis86
Verdict and ExecutionElpis86
Travelers at the CrossroadsElpis87
A Past, Not Yet Come to PassElpis87
Witness to the SpectacleElpis87
Worthy of His BackElpis87
A Flower upon Your ReturnElpis87
Hunger in the GardenElpis87
Words without SoundElpis87
Follow, Wander, Stumble, ListenElpis87
Caging the MessengerElpis87
Thou Must Live, Die, and KnowElpis87
As the Heavens BurnOld Sharlayan88
Outside HelpGarlemald88
Going UndergroundOld Sharlayan88
No Job Too SmallLabyrinthos88
Wise GuidesLabyrinthos88
Agriculture ShockLabyrinthos88
Sage CouncilLabyrinthos88
Hither and YarnsLabyrinthos88
Once ForgedLabyrinthos88
Bonds of Adamant(ite)Labyrinthos88
Her Children, One and AllLabyrinthos89
A Bold DecisionOld Sharlayan89
Friends GatheredOld Sharlayan89
Unto the HeavensOld Sharlayan89
A Strange New WorldUltima Thule89
On Burdened WingsUltima Thule89
A Test of WillUltima Thule89
Roads Pαved││Sacri┣iceUltima Thule89
F//εsh AbanΔon┨ΔUltima Thule89
Where Kn∞wledge LeadsUltima Thule89
Vic┨οry ̈ ̈ ̈╳, │̆││ε LostUltima Thule90
┣┨̈//̈ No┨ΦounΔ•••Ultima Thule90
Hello, WorldUltima Thule90
Forge AheadUltima Thule90
You’re Not AloneUltima Thule90
EndwalkerUltima Thule90
Info via Square Enix

Can You Skip the Endwalker MSQ?

FFXIV 9th anniversary showcase
Image via Square Enix/Inverse

According to How Long to Beat, Endwalker lasts about 50 hours for those running straight through the story. Because this is the latest expansion, there isn’t a way to skip this content. If you want to enjoy post-game adventures, you’ll have to play the expansion in its entirety.

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