FFXIV: All of the post-game quests in A Realm Reborn

Conquer FFXIV's Seventh Astral Era with this quest log.

Final Fantasy XIV, or FFXIV, offers an expansive campaign for players to enjoy. Those who finish the FFIXV MSQ can continue the story with the Seventh Astral Era. These post-A Realm Reborn missions are the bridge to Heavensward. To start the first expansion, you’ll need to finish each mission on this list first.

Because quest logs in Final Fantasy XIV can be extensive, we’ve made a list for your convenience. This list should help you see how far you are in your journey. Keep an eye on the Seventh Astral Era questline here at Press SPACE to Jump!

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FFXIV: Seventh Astral Era Quest List

Final Fantasy XIV Seventh Astral Era
Image via Square Enix

You can find the complete FFXIV MSQ list below. There are 80 quests following A Realm Reborn. These quests are also known as Seventh Astral Era Main Scenario Quests:

Quest TitleAreaLevel
The Price of PrinciplesThe Waking Sands50
All Things in TimeThe Waking Sands50
Laying the FoundationEastern La Noscea50
It’s Possibly a PrimalMor Dhona50
Hail to the King, KupoGridania50
You Have Selected RegicideGridania50
On the Properties of PrimalsSouth Shroud50
The GiftedThe Walking Sands50
Build on the StoneThe Walking Sands50
Still WatersThe Rising Stones50
A Final TemptationWestern Thanalan50
The Mother of ExilesWestern Thanalan50
Promises to KeepUl’dah50
Yugiri’s GameUl’dah50
Why We AdventureWestern Thanalan50
All Due RespectUl’dah50
The Sea RisesThe Rising Stones50
Scouts in DistressWestern La Noscea50
The Gift of EternityWestern La Noscea50
Into the Heart of the WhorlWestern La Noscea50
Lord of the WhorlLower La Noscea50
When Yugiri Met the FraternityLimsa Lominsa50
Through the MaelstromLimsa Lominsa50
The Great DivideThe Rising Stones50
Desperate TimesUl’dah50
Shock and AweCentral Thanalan50
Reap the WhirlwindCentral Thanalan50
RevolutionCentral Thanalan50
Stories We TellUl’dah50
Lord of LevinThe Rising Stones50
Levin an ImpressionEast Shroud50
What Little Gods Are Made OfEast Shroud50
Guardian of EorzeaThe Rising Stones50
Recruiting the RealmThe Rising Stones50
Heretical HarassmentThe Rising Stones50
When the Cold Sets InCoerthas Central Highlands50
Brave New CompanionsMor Dhona50
Traitor in the MidstThe Rising Stones50
Back and FourthUl’dah50
Coming to TermsThe Rising Stones50
The Intercession of SaintsCoerthas Central Highlands50
Strength in UnityCoerthas Central Highlands50
Dark Words, Dark DeedsCoerthas Central Highlands50
First BloodCoerthas Central Highlands50
The Path of the RighteousCoerthas Central Highlands50
For the Greater GoodCoerthas Central Highlands50
Tendrils of IntrigueCoerthas Central Highlands50
Chasing IvyGridania50
In Flagrante DelictoGridania50
A Simple PlanThe Rising Stones50
The Instruments of Our DeliveranceThe Rising Stones50
The Road Less TraveledCoerthas Central Highlands50
Eyes UncloudedCoerthas Central Highlands50
The Reason RoailleThe Rising Stones50
Let Us Cling TogetherNorthern Thanalan50
Good IntentionsThe Rising Stones50
Bait and SwitchEastern Thanalan50
Best Laid SchemesEastern Thanalan50
The Rising ChorusThe Rising Stones50
Aether on DemandThe Rising Stones50
On the CounteroffensiveNorthern Thanalan50
An Uninvited AscianNorthern Thanalan50
In Memory of MoenbrydaThe Rising Stones50
Mask of GriefThe Rising Stones50
Defenders of IshgardThe Rising Stones50
The Wyrm’s RoarCoerthas Central Highlands50
Committed to the CauseIntercessory50
Volunteer DragonslayersThe Rising Stones50
An Allied PerspectiveMor Dhona50
The Steps of FaithCoerthas Central Highlands50
Administrative DecisionThe Rising Stones50
An Unexpected AmbitionThe Rising Stones50
Ancient Ways, Timeless WantsLimsa Lominsa50
Where We Are NeededThe Rising Stones50
The Least among UsSouth Shroud50
A Time to Every PurposeThe Rising Stones50
Come, but Not GoneUl’dah50
The Parting GlassUl’dah50
Before the DawnCoerthas Central Highlands50
Info via Square Enix

Can You Skip post-A Realm Reborn MSQ?

Final Fantasy XIV Primals
Image via Square Enix

Players can pay to skip Final Fantasy XIV’s Seventh Astral Era Quests. According to How Long to Beat, it should take players around 40 hours to finish this branch of the story. To skip this content, you can head to the Online Store and buy the Tales of Adventure: A Realm Reborn item. After redeeming this item, you’ll start the game by selecting the Coming to Ishgard quest.

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