FFXIV: All of the post-game quests in Heavensward

The calm before the Stormblood.

Final Fantasy XIV, or FFXIV, lets players participate in an expansive story. The FFXIV MSQ offers plenty of missions, and once players finish Heavensward, the Dragonsong Era questline starts. Make sure you know how far you are with our list.

The following quests stand between players and the Stormblood. There are two questlines following Heavensward.

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FFXIV: Dragonsong Quest List

FFXIV As goes light so goes darkness dragonsong quests
Image via Square Enix

You can find the complete FFXIV MSQ for the Dragonsong Era below. There are 25 quests in this story:

Quest TitleAreaLevel
An Uncertain FutureFortemps Manor60
Breaking the CycleIshgard60
Another Time, Another PlaceThe Dravanian Forelands60
In the Eye of the BeholderThe Dravanian Hinterlands60
A Little Slow, a Little LateThe Dravanian Forelands60
Dreams of the LostThe Dravanian Forelands60
Against the Dying of the LightIshgard60
As Goes Light, So Goes DarknessIshgard60
As It Once WasIshgard60
The Word of the MotherThe Rising Stones60
This War of OursMatoya’s Cave60
Staunch ConvictionCoerthas Western Highlands60
Once More, a FavorCoerthas Western Highlands60
For Those We Have LostCoerthas Western Highlands60
ConsequencesCoerthas Western Highlands60
ChoicesCoerthas Western Highlands60
A Spectacle for the AgesIshgard60
For Those We Can Yet SaveCoerthas Central Highlands60
Causes and CostsCoerthas Western Highlands60
The Man WithinIshgard60
An Ally for IshgardIshgard60
Winning Over the WyrmThe Dravanian Forelands60
An End to the SongThe Churning Mists60
Heroes of the HourIshgard60
Litany of PeaceIshgard60
Info via Square Enix

FFXIV: Post-Dragonsong Quest List

FFXIV Far edge of fate post dragonsong quests
Image via Square Enix

Next, players tackle the post-Dragonsong quest list. Unlike the previous questline, this one is shorter, with only 19 missions.

Quest TitleAreaLevel
Promises KeptIshgard60
Shadows of the FirstFortemps Manor60
Two Sides of a CoinCoerthas Central Highlands60
Unlikely AlliesOuter La Noscea60
The Beast That Mourned at the Heart of the MountainOuter La Noscea60
Beneath a Star-filled SkyOuter La Noscea60
When We Were FreeSouthern Thanalan60
Honorable HeroesSouthern Thanalan60
One Life for One WorldSouthern Thanalan60
An Ending to Mark a New BeginningSouthern Thanalan60
Tidings from Gyr AbaniaThe Rising Stones60
An Envoy for IshgardIshgard60
An Allied DecisionGridania60
Griffin, Griffin on the WallMor Dhona60
Louisoix’s Finest StudentEast Shroud60
The Obvious SolutionThe Rising Stones60
The Greater ObeisanceGridania60
Fly Free, My PrettyThe Rising Stones60
The Far Edge of FateGridania60
Info via Square Enix

Can You Skip the Post-Heavensward MSQ?

FFXIV Heavensward post heavensward
Image via Square Enix

How Long to Beat has this content clocking in at 27 hours. While players can play the full FFXIV MSQ, you can pay to skip content. If you don’t want to play through this content, head to the FFXIV Online Store. Here, you’ll find the Tales of Adventure: Heavensward. Buy this item, move to a Delivery Moogle, and pick it up. Using this item skips to the first Stormblood mission: Beyond the Great Wall.

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