FFXIV: All of the quests in A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV's journey through Eorzea is grand.

Final Fantasy XIV is an expansive MMO from Square Enix. Like many MMOs, there is a long list of missions. These missions, known as the FFXIV MSQ or Final Fantasy XIV Main Scenario Quests, cover the game’s story content. Whether you’re a new player or a veteran, it helps to keep a quest log.

Though there are several expansions in Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll need to finish the main game—A Realm Reborn, before tackling additional content. Thankfully, we’ve got a checklist to make your journey easier to manage. These quests are also known as the Seventh Umbral Era Main Scenario Quests.

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FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Quest List

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn
Image via Square Enix

You can find the complete FFXIV MSQ list below. There are 215 quests in A Realm Reborn. These quests are also known as the Seventh Umbral Era Main Scenario Quests:

Quest TitleAreaLevel
Close to HomeGridania1
Close to HomeGridania1
Close to HomeGridania1
Close to HomeLimsa Lominsa1
Close to HomeLimsa Lominsa1
Close to HomeUl’dah1
Close to HomeUl’dah1
Close to HomeUl’dah1
To the Bannock Gridania4
On to SummerfordLimsa Lominsa4
We Must RebuildUl’dah4
Passing MusterCentral Shroud5
Chasing ShadowsCentral Shroud5
Dressed to CallMiddle La Noscea5
Lurkers in the GrottoMiddle La Noscea5
Nothing to See HereCentral Thanalan5
Underneath the SultantreeCentral Thanalan5
Washed UpMiddle La Noscea7
Step NineCentral Thanalan6
Eggs over QueasyCentral Shroud7
Double DealingMiddle La Noscea8
Surveying the DamageCentral Shroud8
Prudence at This JunctionCentral Thanalan8
A Soldier’s BreakfastCentral Shroud9
Spirithold BrokenCentral Shroud9
Loam MaintenanceMiddle La Noscea9
Plowshares to SwordsMiddle La Noscea9
Just DesertsMiddle La Noscea9
Out of House and HomeCentral Thanalan9
Way Down in the HoleCentral Thanalan9
On to BentbranchGridania10
You Shall Not TrespassCentral Shroud10
Sky-highLimsa Lominsa10
Takin’ What They’re Givin’Ul’dah10
Supply and DemandsWestern Thanalan10
Give it to Me RawWestern Thanalan10
Don’t Look DownCentral Shroud11
In the Grim Darkness of the ForestCentral Shroud11
Threat Level ElevatedCentral Shroud11
Thanks a MillionMiddle La Noscea11
Relighting the TorchWestern La Noscea11
On to the DrydocksLimsa Lominsa11
The Perfect SwarmWestern Thanalan11
Last Letter to Lost HopeWestern Thanalan11
Migrant MaraudersCentral Shroud12
Without a DoubtLower La Noscea12
Righting the ShipwrightLower La Noscea12
Heir Today, Gone TomorrowCentral Thanalan12
Passing the BladeCentral Thanalan12
A Hearer is Often LateCentral Shroud13
Salvaging the SceneCentral Shroud13
Do Angry Pirates DreamLower La Noscea13
Following FootfallsWestern Thanalan13
Storms on the HorizonWestern Thanalan13
Leia’s LegacyCentral Shroud14
Dread Is in the AirCentral Shroud14
To Guard a GuardianGridania14
Festive EndeavorsGridania14
Renewing the CovenantGridania14
Victory in PerilLower La Noscea14
Men of the Blue TattoosLower La Noscea14
Feint and StrikeLimsa Lominsa14
High SocietyLimsa Lominsa14
A Mizzenmast RepastLimsa Lominsa14
Oh, Captain, My CaptainWestern Thanalan14
Secrets and LiesWestern Thanalan14
Duty, Honor, CountryUl’dah14
A Matter of TraditionUl’dah14
A Royal ReceptionUl’dah14
The Gridanian EnvoyGridania15
The Lominsan EnvoyLimsa Lominsa15
The Ul’dahn EnvoyUl’dah15
Call of the SeaGridania15
Call of the SeaUl’dah15
It’s Probably PiratesLimsa Lominsa15
Call of the ForestLimsa Lominsa15
Fire in the GloomGridania16
Call of the DesertGridania16
Into a Copper HellUl’dah17
The Scions of the Seventh DawnUl’dah17
A Wild Rose by Any Other NameThe Waking Sands17
Unsolved MysteryEastern Thanalan17
What Poor People ThinkEastern Thanalan18
A Proper BurialEastern Thanalan18
For the ChildrenEastern Thanalan19
Amalj’aa Wrong PlacesEastern Thanalan19
Dressed to DeceiveEastern Thanalan19
Life, Materia and EverythingThe Waking Sands19
Lord of the InfernoThe Waking Sands20
A Hero in the MakingThe Waking Sands20
The Company You Keep (Twin Adder)The Waking Sands20
The Company You Keep (Maelstrom)The Waking Sands20
The Company You Keep (Immortal Flames)The Waking Sands20
Wood’s Will Be DoneGridania20
Till Sea Swallows AllLimsa Lominsa20
For Coin and CountryUl’dah20
Sylph-managementThe Waking Sands20
We Come in PeaceGridania20
Sylphic StudiesEast Shroud20
First ImpressionsEast Shroud20
First ContactEast Shroud21
Dance Dance DiplomacyEast Shroud21
Forest FriendEast Shroud21
Presence of the EnemyEast Shroud21
Brotherly LoveEast Shroud22
Spirited AwayEast Shroud22
Druthers House RulesSouth Shroud22
Never ForgetSouth Shroud23
MicrobrewingUpper La Noscea23
Like Fine WineUpper La Noscea23
Sylphish ConcernsSouth Shroud23
Nouveau RicheSouth Shroud23
Into the Beast’s MawSouth Shroud24
A Simple GiftSouth Shroud24
Believe in Your SylphEast Shroud24
Back from the WoodGridania24
Shadow of DarknessThe Waking Sands24
Highbridge TimesEastern Thanalan24
Where There Is SmokeEastern Thanalan25
On to Little Ala MhigoEastern Thanalan25
Tea for ThreeSouthern Thanalan25
Foot in the DoorSouthern Thanalan25
Meeting with the ResistanceThe Waking Sands26
Killing Him SoftlySouth Shroud26
Helping HornSouth Shroud27
He Ain’t HeavySouth Shroud27
Come Highly Recommended South Shroud27
The Bear and the Young’uns’ CaresSouthern Thanalan27
Wilred Wants YouSouthern Thanalan27
Big Trouble in Little Ala MhigoSouthern Thanalan27
Back to Square OneSouthern Thanalan27
Terror at FallgourdThe Waking Sands27
Ziz Is So RediculousNorth Shroud28
Rock of RancorNorth Shroud28
Seeing Eye to Winged EyeNorth Shroud28
Power of DeductionNorth Shroud28
Secret of the While LilyNorth Shroud28
Skeletons in Her ClosetGridania28
Wrath of the TItanThe Waking Sands30
Tales from the Tidus SlayerLower La Noscea30
Hungry Hungry GoobbuesLower La Noscea30
The Lominsan WayLower La Noscea30
Nix ThatEastern La Noscea30
A Modest ProposalEastern La Noscea30
Trial by TurtleSouth Shroud30
The Perfect PlaySouthern Thanalan31
When the Worm TurnsSouthern Thanalan31
There and Back AgainSouthern Thanalan31
The Things We Do for CheeseEastern La Noscea32
What Do You Mean You Forgot the WineEastern La Noscea32
An Offer You Can RefuseEastern La Noscea32
It Won’t WorkEastern La Noscea32
Give a Man a DrinkEastern La Noscea33
The WeightEastern La Noscea33
Battle ScarsEastern La Noscea33
It Was a Very Good YearEastern La Noscea33
In the Company of HeroesEastern La Noscea33
As You WishEastern La Noscea33
Lord of CragsUpper La Noscea34
All Good ThingsUpper La Noscea34
You Can’t Take It with YouEastern Thanalan35
Bringing out the DeadEastern Thanalan35
Bury Me Not on the Lone PrairieEastern Thanalan35
Eyes on MeEastern Thanalan35
He Who Waited BehindEastern Thanalan36
Cold ReceptionNorth Shroud36
The Unending WarCoerthas Central Highlands36
Men of HonorCoerthas Central Highlands36
Three for ThreeCoerthas Central Highlands36
The Rose and the UnicornCoerthas Central Highlands36
The Talk of CoerthasCoerthas Central Highlands37
Road to RedemptionCoerthas Central Highlands38
Following the EvidenceCoerthas Central Highlands38
In the Eyes of Gods and MenCoerthas Central Highlands38
The Final Flight of the EnterpriseCoerthas Central Highlands38
Ye of Little FaithCoerthas Central Highlands39
Factual FolkloreCoerthas Central Highlands39
The Best InventionsCoerthas Central Highlands39
Influencing InquisitorsCoerthas Central Highlands40
By the Lights of IshgardCoerthas Central Highlands40
Blood for BloodCoerthas Central Highlands40
The Heretic among UsCoerthas Central Highlands40
In Pursuit of the PastCoerthas Central Highlands41
Into the Eye of the StormGridania41
Sealed with ScienceEastern Thanalan41
With the Utmost CareEastern Thanalan41
A Promising ProspectEastern Thanalan41
It’s Probably Not PiratesWestern La Noscea42
Representing the RepresentativeWestern La Noscea42
The Reluctant ResearcherWestern La Noscea42
Sweet SomethingsWestern La Noscea42
History RepeatingWestern La Noscea42
The Curious Case of GiggityWestern La Noscea43
Better Late than NeverGridania43
Lady of the VortexGridania44
Casing the CastrumThe Waking Sands44
Eyes on the EmpireCoerthas Central Highlands44
Footprints in the SnowCoerthas Central Highlands44
Monumental HopesCoerthas Central Highlands44
Notorious BiggsCoerthas Central Highlands44
Come Into My CastrumCoerthas Central Highlands44
Getting Even with GarlemaldMor Dhona44
Drowning Out the VoicesMor Dhona46
Acting the PartMor Dhona46
Dressed for ConquestMor Dhona46
Fool Me TwiceMor Dhona46
Every Little Thing She Does Is MagitekMor Dhona46
Escape from Castrum CentriMor Dhona46
The Black Wolf’s UltimatumUl’dah46
Operation ArchonThe Waking Sands49
A Hero in NeedWestern Thanalan49
Hearts on FireNorthern Thanalan49
Rock the CastrumNorthern Thanalan50
The Ultimate WeaponNorthern Thanalan50
Info via Square Enix

Can You Skip the A Realm Reborn MSQ?

Final Fantasy XIV Free Companies
Image via Square Enix

You can pay to skip A Realm Reborn’s content, but we recommend experiencing this story first-hand. According to How Long to Beat, completing the A Realm Reborn story should take around 110-120 hours. If you’re not interested in the story or have another character, purchase Tales of Adventure: A Realm Reborn in the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store. Once you skip or finish A Realm Reborn’s content, you’ll move on to the Heavensward campaign’s first mission: Coming to Ishgard.

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