FFXIV: All of the quests in Heavensward

FFXIV: Heavensward calls the Warrior of Light.

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMOs on the market, and for a good reason. While the initial launch for FFXIV was rough, A Realm Reborn and Heavensward transformed the game’s image. This considerable expansion brought the game to award-winning status.

Heavensward is the first expansion following A Realm Reborn’s story. Below, you can find each primary mission from the lauded expansion. The missions in this expansion are the Heavensward Main Scenario Quests:

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FFXIV: Heavensward Quest List

FFXIV Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward MSQ
Image via Square Enix

You can find the complete FFXIV MSQ list for Heavensward below. There are 94 missions in Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensward expansion:

Quest TitleAreaLevel
Coming to IshgardIntercessory50
Taking in the SightsFortemps Manor50
The Better HalfIshgard50
Over the WallFortemps Manor50
Work in ProgressCoerthas Western Highlands50
The First and ForemostCoerthas Western Highlands50
From on HighCoerthas Western Highlands50
Reconnaissance LostCoerthas Western Highlands50
At the End of Our HopeCoerthas Western Highlands50
Knights Be Not ProudCoerthas Western Highlands50
Onwards and UpwardsFortemps Manor50
An Indispensable AllyThe Sea of Clouds50
Meeting the NeighborsThe Sea of Clouds50
Sense of UrgencyThe Sea of Clouds50
Hope Springs EternalThe Sea of Clouds50
A Series of Unfortunate EventsThe Sea of Clouds50
A Reward Long in ComingThe Sea of Clouds50
Divine InterventionFortemps Manor50
Flame General AffairsFortemps Manor51
In Search of RaubahnMor Dhona51
Keeping the Flame AliveEastern Thanalan51
To Seige or Not to SeigeThe Walking Sands51
Alphinaud’s WayFortemps Manor51
In Search of IceheartIshgard51
From One Heretic to AnotherCoerthas Western Highlands51
Sounding Out the AmphitheatreCoerthas Western Highlands51
Camp of the ConvictorsCoerthas Western Highlands51
Purple Flame, Purple FlameCoerthas Western Highlands51
Where the Chocobos RoamCoerthas Western Highlands52
Worse than DragonsThe Dravanian Forelands52
The Trine TowersThe Dravanian Forelands52
Gifts for the OutcastsThe Dravanian Forelands52
The NonmindThe Dravanian Forelands52
A Gnathic DeityThe Dravanian Forelands53
Breaking into HivesThe Dravanian Forelands53
Lord of the HiveThe Dravanian Forelands53
Morn in PassingThe Dravanian Forelands53
Beyond the CloudsThe Churning Mists53
Mountaintop DiplomacyThe Churning Mists54
Moghan’s TrialThe Churning Mists54
Mogmug’s TrialThe Churning Mists54
Mogwin’s TrialThe Churning Mists54
Moglin’s JudgmentThe Churning Mists54
Leaving MoghomeThe Churning Mists54
The Road to ZenithThe Churning Mists54
Waiting for the Wind to ChangeThe Churning Mists54
Heart of IceThe Churning Mists54
The Wyrm’s LairThe Churning Mists54
New Winds, Old FriendsThe Churning Mists54
A General SummonsIshgard54
Awakening in Ul’dahWestern Thanalan54
A Brave ResolutionUl’dah54
Ready to FlyThe Rising Stones55
Into the AeryIshgard55
The Song BeginsThe Churning Mists55
Unrest in IshgardThe Churning Mists56
He Who Would Not Be DeniedIshgard56
Ill-weather FriendsFortemps Manor56
The Spice of LifeIshgard56
Noble IndiscretionsIshgard56
A Child ApartIshgard56
Fire and BloodIshgard57
A Knight’s CallingIshgard57
The Sins of AntiquityIshgard57
In Search of SoleilIshgard57
Into the BlueIshgard57
Familiar FacesThe Sea of Clouds57
Devourer of WorldsThe Sea of Clouds57
Black and the WhiteThe Sea of Clouds57
Bolt, Chain, and IslandThe Sea of Clouds57
A Difference of OpinionThe Sea of Clouds57
One Good TurnThe Sea of Clouds57
An Engineering EnterpriseIshgard57
Aetherial TrailIshgard57
Lost in the LifestreamGridania57
Tataru’s SurpriseGridania57
Onward to SharlayanGridania57
A Great New NationThe Dravanian Forelands58
Golems BegoneIdyllshire58
An Illuminati IncidentIdyllshire58
Leaving IdyllshireIdyllshire58
Matoya’s CaveIdyllshire59
Forbidden KnowledgeMatoya’s Cave59
An Eye for AetherMatoya’s Cave59
Hour of DepartureIshgard59
The First Flight of the ExcelsiorIshgard59
Systematic ExplorationAzys Lla59
In Node We TrustAzys Lla59
Chimerical MaintenanceAzys Lla59
Close Encounters of the VIth KindAzys Lla59
Fetters of LamentAzys Lla59
HeavenswardAzys Lla60
Info via Square Enix

Can You Skip the Heavensward MSQ?

FFXIV Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Trailer
Image via Square Enix

You can pay to skip Heavensward content, but we recommend riding through the expansion for the award-winning story. According to How Long to Beat, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward should take most players around 70 hours to complete. You can skip this content if you’re disinterested in the story or have another character. Purchase the Tales of Adventure: Heavensward from the Online Store to skip to the first mission of Stormblood: Beyond the Great Wall.

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