FFXIV: Each of the Valentione’s Day Rewards (2023)

There's love everywhere in Eorzea.

The FFXIV Valentione’s Day event is back! 2023’s love-themed holiday celebration graces Eorzea for the first half of February, bringing some exclusive items along for the ride. Find out what you’ll get if you participate in this limited-time event and when you can join.

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All FFXIV Valentione’s Day Items

FFXIV Valentione's Day Event Items
Image via Square Enix

Valentione’s Day 2023: To Thine own Love Be True takes place from Wednesday, February 1, 2023, at 12:00 AM until Wednesday, February 15, 2023, at 6:59 AM (PST). Because Lisette leaves early in the morning on February 15, we suggest completing this quest by February 14 at the latest. There are two unique outfits that players can unlock during this event. Depending on your character gender, you’ll get either the Male or Female Valentione Emissary Outfit from the Emissary’s Attire Coffers.

Vested Emissary’s Attire Coffer (Male)

ItemItem Type
FFXIV Valentione Emissary hat
Valentione Emissary’s Hat
Unique (Head)
FFXIV Valentione emissary jacket
Valentione Emissary’s Jacket
Unique (Body)
FFXIV Valentione emissarys bottoms
Valentione Emissary’s Bottoms
Unique (Legs)
FFXIV Emissary boots valentiones
Valentione Emissary’s Boots
Unique (Feet)
Info and images via Square Enix

Frilled Emissary’s Attire Coffer (Female)

ItemItem Type
FFXIV Valentione emissary dress hat
Valentione Emissary’s Dress Hat
Unique (Head)
FFXIV Valentione emissary ruffled dress
Valentione Emissary’s Ruffled Dress
Unique (Body)
FFXIV Valentione Emissary culottes
Valentione Emissary’s Culottes
Unique (Legs)
FFXIV Valentione Emissary dress boots
Valentione Emissary’s Dress Boots
Unique (Feet)
Info and images via Square Enix

Universal Valentione’s Day Rewards

ItemItem Type
FFXIV Eat chocolate emote
Eat Chocolate
FFXIV Valentione heart desk
Valentione’s Heart Desk
Info and images via Square Enix

‘Suited for Affection’ Requirements

To earn the items listed above in FFXIV, you’ll need to finish the Suited for Affection quest during the Valentione’s Day Seasonal Event. To start this event, you must talk to Lisette de Valentione in Old Gridania (X:10.2, Y:9.4). Check the map below to see where this event’s NPC is. Keep in mind that you must be at least level 15 and complete the It’s Probably Pirates MSQ to take part in this celebration. It’s not a long quest, so take your time and have fun in the season of love!

FFXIV Suited for Affection Location Valentione's day
Image via Square Enix

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