FFXIV Fashion Report Fridays: How to score 80 points

Earn 60,000 MGP with KaiyokoStar's quick Fashion Report guide!

Final Fantasy XIV, or FFXIV, offers plenty of rewards exclusive to the Golden Saucer. To claim these rewards, you’ll need buckets of MGP. The casino’s sole currency can take some time to earn, but completing Fashion Reports can get you up to 60,000 MGP a week. Here’s how you can get thousands of MGP with ease.

To get 60,000 MGP each week, you’ll need to score 80 points during Masked Rose’s Fashion Report. Fashion Reports start each Friday at 12:00 AM PT. Players have a short window to complete these events, unlike other weekly events in Final Fantasy XIV. Fashion Reports reset each Tuesday at 12:00 AM PT. Because reports are only active for a few days, we recommend doing them as soon as possible.

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FFXIV: Where to Start the Fashion Report

Head to the Gold Saucer (X: 7.2 Y: 7.4) and speak to Masked Rose to start the Fashion Report. Masked Rose always stays in this location, so you won’t have to worry about a new spot each week. We’ve included a map from Square Enix to illustrate this location.

FFXIV Fashion Report Friday Location
Image via Square Enix

Finding out what you need to wear each week can be confusing. Thankfully, an excellent Twitter user and streamer posts the requirements each week. Head to KaiyokoStar‘s Twitter post below to see the complete Fashion Report guide for Week 278 (May 26, 2023.) Additionally, KaiyokoStar lists the easiest way to hit 80 and 100 points! KaiyokoStar is also an active member of the FFXIV Reddit, posting the weekly report on the official FFXIV server.

Getting 80 points guarantees players 60,000 MGP. Use the items listed above to reach this threshold. To earn the Fashion Leader title in FFXIV, you must score 100 points. Though this challenge is a bit tougher, it’s doable, provided you’re willing to harvest the outfit items. Here are the armor pieces KaiyokoStar used to score 100 points this week.

Be sure to return to this page each Friday for FFXIV Fashion Report guide updates.

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