FFXIV: How to join The Rising Event (2022)

The Rising it back! Make sure you don't miss out on a rare event item!

To celebrate the 9th anniversary of FFXIV, The Rising returns! Like all seasonal events in FFXIV, players can earn a rare reward to add to their collection of items. While these rewards eventually return for those who missed events, you’ll have to head to the FFXIV Online Store to purchase them about a year later. Make sure you don’t miss the items and save yourself some cash by doing the event in real-time.

Are you interested in finding out what rewards you’ll earn this year? Check our event breakdown below for more info on the latest iteration of The Rising. While each year has its bonuses, 2022 has an incredible offering. I present to you Clockwork Solus!

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FFXIV: The Rising Reward

FFXIV The Rising Event Rewards
Image via Square Enix

FFXIV: The Rising runs from August 27, 2022, until September 12, 2022. Players have over two weeks to finish the event and grab the reward. After you complete the event, you’ll have a new minion to add to your collection. Though the offering this year is just one minion, it’s well worth the work for minion farmers like me.

ItemItem NameItem Type
FFXIV Minion SolusClockwork SolusMinion
Info via Square Enix

Newfound Journey Requirements

To start The Rising event in FFIXV, speak to the Wandering Minstrel in Uldah Steps of Nald. Characters level 15 and above can join in on the Newfound Journey event, so equip a class at least this level to enjoy! The event ends at 7:59 AM PDT on September 12, 2022, so don’t wait until the last day to participate!

FFXIV Newfound Journey Wandering Minstrel location
Image via Square Enix

Once you’ve met the above requirements, head to the new NPC shown above and get your quest on! Unlike other content in FFXIV, you should knock this quest out relatively quickly, and for a Solus minion, I’d do just about anything. This summer has seen several high-profile events, with the Moogle Treasure Trove and Moonlight Faire preceding this one.

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