Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: All of the English Voice Actors (New and Old)

Get to know your Rebirth voice cast.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the second entry in the Remake Trilogy, is finally here! The story of Cloud and his ragtag bunch of allies continues, with plenty of faces, both new and old making an appearance in this entry. Plenty of big-name voice actors make for an impressive lineup for the Square Enix epic. Check out all the voice actors for the main cast here!

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FF7 Characters and Their VAs

FF7 final fantasy 7 rebirth cait sith
Image via Square Enix

You can see all of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s main characters and voice actors below, along with an image of the actors. We’ve only included those shown in trailers and promotional material, so don’t worry about spoilers.

CharacterVoice Actor
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
Cloud Strife

Final Fantasy 7 rebirth cody christian

Cody Christian
Barret wallace Final Fantasy VII rebirth
Barret Wallace

FF7 rebirth john eric bentley

John Eric Bentley

Tifa Lockhart

FF7 rebirth britt baron

Britt Baron
Final Fantasy VII Remake aerith
Aerith Gainsborough

Final Fantasy 7 rebirth briana white

Briana White
Red XIII final fantasy vii remake

ff7 rebirth max mittelman

Max Mittelman
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Yuffie Kisaragi

ff7 rebirth suzie yeung

Suzie Yeung
FFVII Rebirth cait sith
Cait Sith

FF7 rebirth paul tinto

Paul Tinto
Vincent Valentine FFVII Rebirth
Vincent Valentine

ff7 matthew mercer

Matthew Mercer
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Cid
Cid Highwind

ff7 j michael tatum

J. Michael Tatum
sephiroth FFVII Rebirth

ff7 tyler hoechlin

Tyler Hoechlin
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Zack Fair
Zack Fair

ff7 caleb pierce

Caleb Pierce
Chadley final fantasy 7 rebirth

ff7 sean ryan petersen

Sean-Ryan Petersen

Rufus Shinra

ff7 josh bowman

Josh Bowman
reno final fantasy 7 rebirth

ff7 arnie pantoja

Arnie Pantoja


ff7 william christopher stephens

William Christopher Stephens
ff7 elena

ff7 piper reese

Piper Reese


ff7 vic chao

Vic Chao
Final fantasy 7 vii rebirth

ff7 kayli mills

Kayli Mills
hojo final fantasy vii rebirth
Professor Hojo

ff7 frank todaro

James Sie


ff7 frank todaro

Frank Todaro


ff7 gideon emery

Gideon Emery


ff7 mall l jones

Matt L. Jones
ff7 dyne rebirth

ff7 dave b mitchell

Dave B. Mitchell
ff7 broden full body

ff7 mick lauer

Mick Lauer
ff7 johnny rebirth

ff7 yuri lowenthal

Yuri Lowenthal
ff7 rebirth dio

ff7 ian james corlett

Ian James Corlett
FF7 rebirth zangan

ff7 Jamieson price

Jamieson Price

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