Final Fantasy XIV: Where to get Aetheroconductive Feathers

Find this elusive resource in Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV introduced several new items in the 6.15 Patch. One such addition is the Aetheroconductive Feather. The new resource is an item players can use in a collectible gathering. Because the item is a Patch addition, it can be hard to find. Finding this resource should be easier with the information we found.

According to the Final Fantasy XIV Wiki, players can find Aetheroconductive Feathers at the following locations. You’ll need to mine or harvest this resource in the open world.

  • Mining (level 81-85): Mineral Deposits in Labyrinthos (X: 32.0, Y: 9.0)
  • Harvesting (level 81-85) Lush Vegetation Patches in Labyrinthos (X: 28.0, Y: 15.0)
Final Fantasy XIV Aetheroconductive Feather
Image via Final Fantasy XIV Wiki

So far there aren’t any known spawns for this item outside of Labyrinthos. Thankfully, you won’t have to travel far to farm this resource if you have multiple classes leveled up. The higher your level in the gathering profession, the better your chance to successfully collect this item. You can find an image of the feather above.

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Where to turn in Aetheroconductive Feathers

You can trade feathers with the Custom Delivery vendor Ameliance Leveilluer in Old Sharlayan (X: 15.7, Y: 7.2.) Turn in enough feathers and you’ll raise your gathering level with this NPC.

Ameliance Final Fantasy XIV
Image via Final Fantasy XIV Wiki

These Feathers are the first request from Ameliance. While you can trade this item at level one, you’ll have to get to higher levels to trade other gathering items. Crafters and Fishers can trade with this NPC as well, though their requests differ.

New Custom Deliveries are just one update from Patch 6.15. Square Enix added several new items to the game during this sizable patch, including new clothing items. Make sure to check our catalog for all the new items.

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