Final Fantasy XVI: How to upgrade Potion Potency

Improve your potions by completing these side quests in Final Fantasy XVI

There are plenty of brutal fights waiting for Clive in Final Fantasy XVI, and the longer the story goes on, the harder the enemies hit. While Clive is tougher than most fighters in Valisthea, having some extra potions to heal himself couldn’t hurt. If you find your potions aren’t healing you enough in the late game, you may need to upgrade them. Here’s how you can upgrade Potion Potency in Final Fantasy XVI.

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Nigel’s Potion Potency Quests

Final Fantasy XVI nigel head botonist
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To upgrade potions in Final Fantasy XVI, you’ll need to complete quests for Nigel. Head Botanist of the Hideaway.

Nigel has two unique missions that become available as you progress through the story. Each task improves Clive’s Potion Potency. The first mission becomes available after Clive and his band unlock their second base. If you see the + symbol above Nigel’s head, that means you’re ready to begin the Potion Potency upgrade quest. If not, try taking on a few more main missions.

The Root of the Problem

Final Fantasy XVI clive potion potency upgrade
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Nigel’s first quest, The Root of the Problem, asks Clive to collect Morganbeard in the Imperial Province of Rosaria. Transport to Martha’s Rest and follow the quest marker to a field of rare flowers. Take out the surrounding enemies and acquire your quarry. Once done, head back to Nigel.

Final Fantasy XVI potion potency
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After you complete the quest, you’ll earn a Phial of Morganbeard Extract, which grants Potion Potency. This upgrade improves potions and high potions’ efficiency, which heal Clive more when used. Tonics, on the other hand, get a duration boost.

Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol

Final Fantasy XVI carrot hunting board
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The second quest from Nigel appears later on in the story. Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol asks Clive to take down a Morbol named Carrot. Carrot is a B-rank Hunting Board target in the Imperial Province of Rosaria. Stock up on potions and tonics at the store before you head out to take on this tanky foe.

Final Fantasy XVI rosaria carrot
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Head to the Imperial Province of Rosaria and go to the Three Reeds Obelisk. Once there, head to the arena northwest of this fast travel point to find Carrot waiting.

Carrot final fantasy xvi
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CarrotB-Rank10,000 Gil
20 Renown

Like other Morbols, Carrot boasts the poison smog you’ve seen before, but his does even more damage thanks to the Badder Breath attack. Take care to stay away from its mouth, vine swipes, and avoid its Wild Charge attack.

Final Fantasy XVI morbol
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After you take down Carrot, talk to Nigel at The Hideaway to complete the quest and claim your rewards. Clive acquires Invigorated Morganbeard Extract and Potion Potency Plus for his efforts in the mission.

Final Fantasy XVI Potion potency plus
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Potion Potency Plus further improves the potion and high potion potency to increase HP regen. Tonics also get a duration boost from the Potion Potency Plus upgrade. This is the final upgrade available for Clive’s potion stores.

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