Fire Emblem Engage: Best Advanced Class for Goldmary

We're holding out for a hero like Goldmary.

Fire Emblem Engage offers over two dozen allies to add to your army, each with its own strengths and abilities. One powerful ally you’ll encounter in Engage, Goldmary is a front-line combatant that uses a balanced kit to harm enemies near and far. Find out how to make the most of this Elusian ally after she joins your party by choosing a suitable Advanced Class!

Goldmary’s Advanced Class: Hero

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The best option for Goldmary in Fire Emblem Engage is the Hero Advanced Class. The Hero class gives Goldmary an A Rank for proficiency with Swords and a B Rank with Lances. While Goldmary is powerful up close, she is just as viable from range thanks to her prowess with the lances she can chuck at foes. She’s excellent against slow enemies and those without heavy armor plating, so pit her against those foes, sending a mage with her to tackle any enemies with resistance to physical attacks.

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Recommended Emblem: Eirika

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To make Goldmary even more potent in battle, you’ll need to outfit her with an Emblem. During our playthrough, we found the Eirika Emblem to be an excellent pairing for Goldmary. Eirika’s kit focuses on improving Sword and Lance skills while granting improved Dodge stats to her partner.

You’ll get several new weapons to use when fighting with Eirika as an ally, giving her user an enhanced versatility against an array of unique enemy types. Once users level up their Bond with this Emblem, they can use new skills. The more you use an Emblem in battle, the faster it ranks up, so keep employing Eirika’s attacks and moves. You can see the list of Bond Effects from levels one to ten below.

LevelBond EffectDescription
1Lunar BraceIf the unit initiates combat with a physical attack, it deals extra damage equal to 20% of the foe’s defense.
1Dodge +10Grants Ddg +10.
1Night and DayUse to switch Emblems and swap between Lunar Brace/Gentility and Solar Brace/Bravery for all allies.
1Sacred TwinsWhile engaged with Eirika, changes Lunar Brace to Eclipse Brace and Gentility to Blue Skies for all allies.
1Twin StrikeUse to make a sword attack followed by a lance attack from Ephraim on an adjacent foe.
Effective: Corrupted.
1RapierSword Wielded by Emblem Eirika.
Effective: Cavalry, Armored.
2Lance Agility 1Grants Avo +10 at the cost of Crit -10 when using a lance.
3GentilityThe unit takes 3 less damage
4Dodge +15Grants Ddg +15
5Skill InheritanceThe unit can inherit this Emblem’s skills.
6Lance Prof.Proficiency with Lances. Required for promotion to specific classes.
7Lance Agility 2Grants Avo +15 at the cost of Crit -10 when using a lance.
8Dodge +20Grants Ddg +20,
9Sword Prof.Proficiency with swords. Required for promotion to specific classes.
10Wind SwordA Magical sword wielded by Emblem Eirika. It can strike close or at range.
Effective: Flying
Info via Fire Emblem Engage

Once you hit level five, you can learn to use each Bond skill without a ring on your unit. We suggest using the rings until at least level five, so you can start putting skills on each of your units.

If you’d like to use an Emblem that focuses more on the Sword skill, we suggest Marth or Lucina, which each boost Sword user stats. Make sure to try out other Emblem combinations as you play to see what works best for you!

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