Fire Emblem Engage: Best Advanced Class for Ivy

Master the mystic arts with this powerful mage.

In Fire Emblem Engage, players create their own army with units they find during the story. Along the Divine Dragon’s journey, there are over 30 characters to recruit and train. One of these allies, Ivy, is a mage hailing from Elusia. Though she starts strong, her power grows even more when given the suitable Advanced Class. See what will make this wyvern rider even more powerful in Engage.

Ivy’s Unique Advanced Class: Lindwurm

Ivy best advanced class guide fire emblem engage
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Like many other units in Fire Emblem Engage, Ivy has a unique Advanced Class that only she can use. The Lindwurm class allows Ivy to use Magic to its full extent, boosting her Tomes to S-Rank and her Staves to B-Rank. Ivy’s also incredibly mobile thanks to her wyvern, soaring above the battlefield and avoiding stage hazards on the ground. Decimate foes with her mystic mastery up close and from a distance.

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Recommended Emblem: Celica

Emblem Celica Fire Emblem Engage
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To make Ivy even more potent in Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll need to equip an Emblem ring. Each Emblem boosts the stats of its user, but those stat boosts vary. Celica improves the Magic stats for her user. Because Ivy only uses Magic, this is an excellent fit for her.

The longer a unit uses an Emblem, the more skills they unlock. After hitting level five, units can inherit these skills and use them without the ring equipped. You can see the skills from levels one to ten for Celica below.

LevelBond EffectsDescription
1Magic +2Grants Mag +2.
1Holy StanceIf a Corrupted attacks unit, 10% of the damage taken goes back to the foe.
1EchoUse to attack with Magic at 50% damage. Use a second time to launch another 50% attack.
1Warp RagnarokUsed to warp up to 10 spaces and make a powerful magic attack.
1SeraphimHoly tome wielded by Emblem Celica.
Effective: Corrupted
2Magic +3Holy tome wielded by Emblem Celica.
Effective: Corrupted
3ResonanceWhen equipped with a tome, if the unit’s HP is 2 or more, the unit loses 1 HP at the start of combat and deals +2 damage during battle.
4Tome Precision 1Grants Hit/Avo +3 when using a tome.
5Skill InheritanceThe unit can inherit this Emblem’s skills.
6Magic Prof.Proficiency with Magic. Required for promotion to specific classes.
7Tome Precision 2Grants Hit/Avo +5 when using a tome.
8Favorite FoodWhen a unit eats a packed lunch, its Engage meter is maxed out.
9Tome Precision 3Grants Hit/Avo +7 when using a tome.
9Sword Prof.Proficiency with swords. Required for promotion to specific classes.
10RecoverStaff wielded by Emblem Celica. Recovers a great deal of HP.
Info via Fire Emblem Engage

While we used Celica during our playthrough, we suggest trying other rings to see what works best for you. You’ll get a few new skills even if you don’t like the other Emblem pairings (provided you get to level five Bond.)

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