Fire Emblem Engage: Best Advanced Class for Kagetsu

This master swordsman will make short work of any enemy.

In Fire Emblem Engage, you can create an army of your own using over 30 units. Each unit has strengths and weaknesses and kits with special powers. Kagetsu, the Elusian swordsman, is one of the most powerful units in his field, provided you pair him with the best Advanced Class possible. See what gives this fighter his edge in this turn-based strategy title.

Kagetsu’s Advanced Class: Swordmaster

Fire Emblem Engage advanced class swordsmaster
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Kagetsu is a master with swords, so you’ll want to choose a class emphasizing this weapon and its proficiency. The Swordmaster Advanced Class works best with Kagetsu. With this class and unique moves like Run Through (attack and appear on the other side of the selected enemy, provided the adjacent space is free), Kagetsu becomes an oppressive attacker that makes short work of most fighters. Just keep him away from lance users as they counter his weapon and break his stance when striking first.

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Recommended Emblem: Marth

Fire Emblem Engage Marth Emblem
Image via Nintendo

To make Kagetsu even stronger, you should equip an Emblem ring. Emblem rings give unique boosts to those wearing them. Because Kagetsu is a Swordmaster, he’ll want an Emblem that focuses on sword skills. Marth is the perfect partner for this unit, as he offers a litany of abilities than improve Kagetsu’s capabilities.

The more you fight with an Emblem, the higher your Bond with that Emblem gets. Each level brings you new Bond Effects, so battle with Marth to access these abilities. Make sure to hit level five, unlocking the ability to inherit skills, even when your unit isn’t wearing an Emblem. Check the chart below for Marth’s Bond Effects list from levels one to ten.

LevelBond EffectDescription
1PerceptiveIf the unit initiates combat, grant Avo +15 during combat. Avo increases with high Spd.
1Avoid +10Grants Avo +10.
1Divine SpeedThe unit performs an extra attack at 50% damage in combat.
1Lodestar RushUse to launch 7 consecutive sword attacks at 30% damage. It only hits the adjacent foe.
1RapierSword wielded by Emblem Marth.
Effective: Cavalry, Armored
2Sword Agility 1Grants Avo +at the cost of Crit -10 when using a sword.
3Break DefensesIf a unit’s attack breaks a foe, the unit makes an extra attack at 50% damage.
4Avoid +15Grants Avo +15.
5Skill InheritanceThe unit can inherit this Emblem’s skill.
6Sword Agility 2Grants Avo +15 at the cost of Crit -10 when using a sword.
7UnyieldingAt the start of the player phase, if HP is 20% or less, restore 20% of that unit’s max HP.
8Sword Agility 3Grants Avo +20 at the cost of Crit -10 when using a sword.
8Sword Prof.Proficiency with swords. Required for promotion to specific classes.
9Avoid +20Grants Avo +20.
10MercuriusSword wielded by Emblem Marth. Doubles user’s earned experience.
Info via Fire Emblem Engage

Once you’ve mastered Marth, we suggest trying other Emblem rings on Kagetsu. Give different options a try; you never know how an Emblem will feel until you try it out.

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