Fire Emblem Engage: Best Advanced Class for Timerra

This heir to the throne is a powerful combatant, provided you get the right class.

Fire Emblem Engage allows players to recruit and amass an army. With over 30 characters on your side, you’ll have plenty of options when customizing units. Along your journey, you’ll ally with most of the world’s royalty, including Timerra, the Princess of Solm. Find out how to make the most of this halberd-wielding hero by picking the suitable Advanced Class for her.

Timerra’s Unique Advanced Class: Picket

Fire Emblem Engage Tienne Best Advanced class
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Like many other units in Fire Emblem Engage, Timerra has a unique class that only she can use. The Picket class focuses exclusively on Lance mastery. With S-Rank Lance capabilities, Timerra can attack foes at close and long range. While you won’t have many options in terms of weapon type, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who uses a halberd quite like Timerra.

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Recommended Emblem: Ike

Fire Emblem Engage Emblem Ike
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To make Timerra even more robust, you’ll need to outfit her with an Emblem. Luckily, she’s the guardian of Ike’s Emblem, the best option for her. Ike’s Emblem boosts Atk and Def for his partner, halving all incoming damage. Because Timerra’s survivability isn’t the best on her own, Ike gives her the boost she needs to survive most attacks.

The longer a unit uses an Emblem, the higher its level will get. Each level grants Emblem users access to new abilities or Bond Effects. Reach level five, and your unit can inherit these practical skills and use them even without the Emblem equipped. You can see the skills from Ike’s ring from levels one to ten below, along with info on each of these Bond Effects.

LevelBond EffectsDescription
1Defense +1Grants Def +1.
1DemolishBreak destructible terrain in a single blow when using Destroy
1ResolveIf the unit’s HP is 75% or less after combat, grant Def/Res +5 as long as HP stays below 75%
1Laguz FriendThe unit takes 50% less damage but sets the unit’s Avo to 0.
1Great AetherUse to grant Def/Res +5 for one turn. Next turn, attack a 2-space area and heal 30% of the damage dealt.
1HammerHammer of Emblem Ike. Smashes foes. Cannot follow up or strike first if initiating combat.
Effective: Armored
2Defense +2Grants Def +2
3RepositionUse to move an adjacent ally to the opposite side of the unit.
4Axe Power 1Grants Atk +2 at the cost of Avo -10 when using an axe.
5Skill InheritanceThe unit can inherit this Emblem’s skills.
6Axe Prof.Proficiency with axes. Required for promotion to specific classes.
7Axe Power 2Grants Atk +4 at the cost of Avo -10 when using an axe.
8Defense +3Grants Def +3
9Sword Prof.Proficiency with swords. Required for promotion to specific classes.
10UrvanHeirloom axe wielded by Emblem Ike. Grants Res +3.
Info via Fire Emblem Engage

While Timerra and Ike were a great team in our playthrough, we suggest experimenting with other Emblems in yours. See what other Emblems offer and gain a few extra skills during your time with Fire Emblem Engage!

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