How Latent Powers work in Octopath Traveler 2

The power within.

Octopath Traveler 2 is the sequel to the beloved 2019 title, and like most sequels, the title introduces new mechanics—one of the most reputable techniques this time involves Latent Powers. Find out how to trigger the ultimate ability for each new traveler in this turn-based RPG.

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How to fill the Latent Power Gauge

Octopath traveler 2 latent power gauge
Image via Square Enix

Damage foes, take damage, and break enemies to fill the Latent Power gauge. Once the Latent Power gauge is full, each of the eight characters can enact a different ultimate ability. Use the Latent Power modifier once the meter is full to initiate your Latent Power. The input depends on your controller:

  • PlayStation: Triangle
  • Xbox: Y
  • Nintendo Switch: X

Each Character’s Latent Powers

Feature Octopath Traveler special abilities
Image via Square Enix

What ultimate ability you have depends on the character in question. Check each protagonist’s Latent Powers below:

TravelerLatent PowerEffect

HIKARI KU thumbnail
Hikari Yu
Shadow HoldChoose one of three powerful sword techniques to unleash in battle.

Agnea thumbnail
Agnea Bristani
All Together NowLets skills that hit a single target impact all foes while active.
Partitio Yellowil thumbnail
Partitio Yellowil
Hoot and HollerReplenish BP for the party.
Osvald thumbnail
Osvald V. Vanstein
Concentrate SpellsLets Osvald focus multi-target spells on a single foe.
Temenos thumbnail
Temenos Mistral
JudgmentAllows any attack to lower an enemy’s shield points, even if they don’t strike a weakness.

Throné thumbnail

Throné Anguis
Leave No TraceLets Throné act twice in a single turn.
Ochette thumbnail
Animal InstinctsChoose between three special Attack and Support techniques to unleash in battle.
Castti thumbnail
Castti Florenz
Every Drop CountsAllows Castti to craft concoctions without materials.
Info and images via Square Enix

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