How the Engage system works in Fire Emblem Engage

Master the latest mechanic in the Fire Emblem series.

In Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll have more ways than ever to combat enemies. One of the most prominent mechanics in this entry of the Fire Emblem franchise is the Engage system, which allows players to call aid in battle. Summon one of over a dozen famous Fire Emblem characters to the battlefield

How to use Emblem Rings in Engage

Fire Emblem Engage Emblem Rings
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To use Emblems in Fire Emblem Engage, you must equip the ring housing the spirit of the character you wish to employ. For example, if you want to use Marth on Alear, you’ll need to equip Marth’s Ring. Once you fit the ring, you’ll gain access to new skills and improved stats. The boosts you get from Emblem rings differ depending on the spirit housed within. There are over a dozen Emblem rings, so experiment and see which abilities fit your playstyle.

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Fire Emblem Engage Rings Marth
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Equipping rings in Engage will boost your effectiveness in battle, meaning attacks will do more damage, often striking more than once on the same turn.

Fire Emblem Engage Sync damage
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Players can also use the Engage Mechanic to fuse with the spirit of their ring and boost their powers further. While Engaged, units gain access to new weapons, known as Engage Weapons, and abilities called Engage Skills. These powerful moves outclass standard attacks and boost the effectiveness of other units in the vicinity.

The Engage status lasts only three turns in battle, after which you’ll return to your original form. The Engage meter will, however, charge during combat. Once the meter fills up, you can Engage again and use your spirit ally.

All units in your army can equip and use Engage rings in battle, supplying you with hundreds of unique combinations to augment fights in your favor. How you fight is your choice, but remember to keep strategy above all in this title.

Fire Emblem Engage system Emblem Lyn Framme
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To see Nintendo’s breakdown of the Engage system, visit the Engaging with Emblems trailer below:

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