How the ping system works in Apex Legends

Help your team with pings.

If you aren’t able to use voice chat on Apex Legends (or just don’t feel comfortable enough to, we don’t blame you), then you might feel like you’re at a disadvantage since you can’t communicate with your team about what’s going on. Thankfully, Apex Legends’ ping system allows you to relay important information to your team quickly and effectively without the need to say it verbally. Let’s take a look at it.

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Apex Legends Ping System Explained

Apex Legends ping system
Screenshot by Kristi Jimenez

To access the ping wheel, hold down on the mouse wheel on PC, R1 on PlayStation, or RB on Xbox. To use a ping, move the mouse or joystick around. Once you’ve found the ping you want to use, let go of the mouse wheel, R1, or RB, and you’ll use that ping. You’ll have eight pings to choose from. Going clockwise, here’s what they are and what they mean.

  • Avoid This Area: Signaling to your team that you should not go to this area. You should use this ping if you see a big fight going on.
  • Enemy Audio: You hear an enemy walking or running around. If you’re alone or sneaking around, use this ping to make your team aware that someone is nearby. That way, you all can avoid being caught off guard.
  • Looting This Area: Pretty simple. You’re letting your team know you’re looting. This is great to use if you’re going off by yourself to snatch up some goods.
  • Attack Here: Another self-explanatory ping. You’re letting your team know to attack an enemy that’s located in that area. Great to use if you lost sight of an enemy during a fight or found someone who strayed away from their team.
  • Regroup Here: Use this ping to help coordinate an effort to regroup after getting ambushed by an enemy team. After all, you’re stronger in numbers.
  • Defend Here: Another pretty easy ping to decipher: it means you’re defending an area. You’ll only be really using this towards the end of a match since your goal is to move to whenever the Ring is going.
  • Watching Here: It just means you’re watching an area for enemies or drops. If the match is nearing its end, this is a perfect ping to use since you won’t have to worry too much about being ambushed from all sides as there will only be a few teams left at this point.
  • Someone’s Been Here: If you find someone’s fresh tracks or saw a crate has been looted, you’ll want to use this ping to let your teammates know that a team has recently been in the area. If a team has recently been in that area, that could mean they’re still nearby, so get ready to fight!
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