How to catch Pokemon in Great Crater of Paldea early – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

No champion title? No problem.

While Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is open-world, and you can travel most places, the most off-limits area is the Great Crater of Paldea. You can’t explore the crater, or even get there or catch Pokemon there until you complete all three of the main storylines… or can you? While the main part of the crater is off-limits until these requirements are met, there are a couple of areas, and Pokemon, you can get to early. Here is how to catch Pokemon from the Great Crater of Paldea before completing the main story in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Early Catching Requirements

Iron Treads Titan
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In order to achieve the goal of catching some Great Crater of Paldea Pokemon early, you will need to have completed all five of the titan missions, so don’t think you can do this at the very beginning of the game. However, you can do it earlier than the game would like you to.

While you should also have all 8 gym badges if you want the Pokemon caught to obey you, but this is optional. You do not need to beat the Elite Four, Champion, or do any of the Team Star battles to do this.

The most important part is that your ride Pokemon (Miraidon in Pokemon Violet, Koraidon in Pokemon Scarlet) is able to glide and climb.

Climbing the Great Crater of Paldea

Climbing the mountains around the Great Crater of Paldea
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Finding a low point in the mountains around the crater is easiest. If you have the Elite Four unlocked, that is the easiest place to climb up from. The second easiest is to the right of the locked gate by Medali where you will eventually be let into the crater when you do meet the requirements. A mix of spam climbing, jumping, and gliding will get you to the top of the mountains surrounding the crater.

Catching Great Crater of Paldea Pokemon

At the top of the Great Crater of Paldea
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While you cannot go into the crater itself at this point, there are two Pokemon who live up in the mountains of the Great Crater of Paldea. They will both be level 58, and both of them fly. You should get close enough to get their attention and wait for them to fly at you. The two Pokemon you can train against or catch from the Great Crater of Paldea early are wild Garchomp and wild Magnezone.

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Both of these Pokemon are heavy hitters that can help with your Pokemon journey. Garchomp especially is useful in helping take down the Elite Four. They will say they’ve been caught at the Great Crater of Paldea at their location too, so you can flex that you have caught them before you completed your Pokemon journey.

Great Crater of Paldea caught Garchomp details screen in Pokemon list
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And that is how to catch Pokemon from the Great Crater of Paldea early. Good luck and stay tuned to Press SPACE to Jump for more Pokemon guides and articles!

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