How to change classes in FFXIV

Change jobs on the fly in this popular MMO.

Final Fantasy XIV, better known as FFXIV, allows players to play every class on a single character. Once you know how it’s simple to swap classes in this popular MMO. Follow this guide to switch your job and tackle FFXIV in another profession.

To change classes in FFXIV, you’ll need to swap weapon types and job stones. Remember that you can only change to your preferred job if you have that job unlocked. Each job in FFXIV requires players to complete certain quests to unlock for the first time. Head to the FFXIV Lodestone to see all combat jobs and the unlock quests. After opening a job, you can follow the steps below:

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Changing Classes in FFXIV

  • Open the Main Menu and select the Character option from the Character tab.
FFXIV Main Menu
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann
  • Scroll to the Main Hand section of your Character equipment.
  • Select the Main Hand and swap weapons to the arm of your desired class.
FFXIV Character menu main hand option
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann
  • Once you’ve equipped your desired weapon, select the Recommended Gear tab to clothe your character quickly.
FFXIV Samurai Weapon set
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann
  • Now you’ll have your secondary class equipped and ready to go. You’re free to continue playing the MMO with this class.
FFXIV Samurai gear set
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann
  • Select the icon next to the Gear Set header on the top left to open a side menu. Here you can Create a new gear set by clicking the plus button. New equipment sets permanently save the armor you have equipped. Later, you can select a previously registered set from this menu to change classes on the fly.
  • You can currently register 38 gear sets in FFXIV, so feel free to create several presets to change to at your leisure.
  • Crafting and Gathering classes also have gear set-saving options in FFIXV.
FFXIV Black Mage gear set
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

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