How to change classes in Fire Emblem Engage

Change the units of your army to fit your focus.

Fire Emblem Engage is another entry in the long-running Fire Emblem franchise. Though the game is full of new mechanics like the Engage system, classic systems like class changes make a return. Find out how you can upgrade and change classes in this popular turn-based strategy game.

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Upgrading Classes in Fire Emblem Engage

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One way to change classes in Fire Emblem Engage is by classing up. Class-ups occur when the fighter reaches the appropriate level in their current class.

Before you can class up in Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll need to level your Units up. Fighters gain experience when they strike the finishing blow on an enemy, so let the soldier that needs the EXP eliminate foes.

Fire Emblem Engage Leveling up units
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Once your units are level ten or higher, you’ll get the chance to upgrade your fighter to the next level of their class track. Upgraded units become an Advanced Class with access to better armor, skills, and gear. Visit the class menu to upgrade your characters.

Advanced classes also boost a unit’s stats, making them stronger in most aspects. After progressing through the Advanced class cutscene in Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll see what stats improve.

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Characters with Advanced Classes also get new gear to signify their higher status, so show off your new looks once you hit the threshold in Fire Emblem Engage.

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Changing Classes in Fire Emblem Engage

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If you want to take another route on your character, you’ll need to enact a Class Change. Class changes allow characters to take on another combat path, provided they have the right proficiencies.

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When opening the Change Class menu, players will see eligible Class changes highlighted with white text on the right. These are the classes currently available for upgrade. You can check your character’s proficiencies at the bottom left portion of the screen, below your character. You can work on proficiencies throughout your playthrough, so don’t worry if the class you want isn’t eligible at the start.

Once you’re ready to change classes, you’ll need a Second Seal for a base class and a Master Seal for Advanced Classes. Seals are found in treasure chests and Somniel’s Item Shop intermittently throughout the campaign.

Fire Emblem Engage class change axe armor
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After you finish a Class Change, your unit will take on their new class’s strengths, weaknesses, and affinities, so remember to use these units in the correct combat scenarios. Remember: strategy is everything in Engage!

To see more on Fire Emblem Engage’s class system, see the ‘Fire Emblem for All’ video from Nintendo below:

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