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Apex Legends may first and foremost be a battle royale game, but it has a few other modes as well. Other modes currently include Arenas, and the illusive Control mode. Since Season 9, playing Arenas has been required for many Battle Pass challenges. This meant that since Arenas debuted, players have had to play it if they wanted to complete the Battle pass with ease. The old system also meant if you prefer Arenas, you still had to play Battle Royale too.

Personally, I am not the biggest fan of Arenas. While I have been able to complete Battle Passes without playing Arenas mode, it did mean there were less challenges available to me. With the debut of Season 14: Hunted, challenges have become a lot more flexible. Let’s take a look.

Battle Pass challenges: Battle Royale or Non-Battle Royale

Battle Pass Challenges BR or NBR
Screenshot via Respawn

The initial challenge update debuted with the tagline “Battle Pass Challenges completed your way”, and that is absolutely how it works. These flexible Battle Pass challenges come with an “or” clause. Each challenge tells you the requirements on how to complete them in any mode. One side of the challenge has the stipulation for completing it in Battle Royale. The other side shows you how to complete it in any Non-Battle Royale mode.

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Challenge requirements display a teal BR for Battle Royale, and a navy NBR for Non-Battle Royale. The phrase “Non-Battle Royale” also implies that Control mode may come back, or that other modes may debut in the future, as Arenas is no longer mentioned by name.

Players must complete these flexible challenges by fully fulfilling one of the requirements, not by a mix of both. For example, you can’t complete a challenge by filling both sides halfway, so keep that in mind.

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