How to craft a Respawn Banner in Apex Legends

Get your team back in the game without a high-risk recovery.

In Apex Legends, sometimes grabbing a dead teammate’s banner during or after a fight can be pretty risky. Luckily, there is another way to get the banners back, and you don’t even need to be near the fight to do it. Crafting Respawn Banners was added in Apex Legends in Season 16: Revelry, and allows certain Legends to bring back their allies from a safe distance. Let’s take a look at how to make a Crafted Respawn Banner in Apex Legends.

Choosing a Support Class Legend

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First and foremost, it is important to note that only Support Legends can craft Respawn Banners. The option will not show up for other classes, as it is a Support Class Perk. There are currently four Support Class Legends in the game: Lifeline, Gibraltar, Loba, and Newcastle.

Note that Pathfinder used to be a Support Legend but is not anymore. Thus, he does not have this Perk.

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Crafting a Crafted Respawn Banner

Crafting a Respawn Banner Apex Legends
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After your teammate dies, you will need to find some Crafting Materials if you don’t already have them, and a Replicator.

When you are playing as a Support Class Legend, in addition to the Daily, Weekly, Seasonal, and Permanent sections of the Replicator, there will also be a Perk section. There will be an icon with two Respawn Banners on it in that section. It requires 30 Crafting Materials to craft. If you have enough materials, you can craft one or two ally banners with a single crafting.

If an another ally dies after you have already crafted the banner, you will either need to retrieve their banner the normal way or craft another 30 Crafting Material Crafted Respawn Banner. The banner will not automatically contain your second dead ally.

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