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Take command, and get ready for close combat.

Apex Legends is full of highly covetable cosmetics, but one of the more sought-after cosmetics are the Mythic-tier items. These include Heirloom melee weapons, and prestige skins. Apex Commander is Bangalore’s fourth Mythic cosmetic, and the second Mythic evolving skin in the game.

Apex Commander debuted for the Gaiden Event, making it the first Mythic skin tied to a thematic event. Let’s take a look at every tier and tier requirement for Bangalore’s Apex Commander Mythic Prestige Skin.

Apex Commander (Bangalore Prestige skin)

There are three tiers and one finisher for each Prestige skin. Tiers 2 and 3 require gameplay to unlock. The Apex Commander Prestige skin at its base tier can be obtained by buying out all 40 cosmetic items in the Gaiden Event before August 2, or it can be found in the Mythic store when the event is over for 150 Heirloom Shards.

Apex Commander Tier 1

Apex Commander Prestige Bangalore Skin Tier 1
Screenshot via Respawn

This is the base tier when you unlock the Apex Commander Prestige Bangalore skin.

Apex Commander Tier 2

Apex Commander Prestige Bangalore Skin Tier 2
Screenshot via Respawn

This tier requires dealing 30,000 damage as Bangalore.

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Apex Commander Tier 3

Apex Commander Prestige Bangalore Skin Tier 3
Screenshot via Respawn

This tier requires dealing 100,000 damage as Bangalore.

Close Quarters Combat Tier 3 Unique Finisher

Apex Commander Prestige Bangalore Skin Tier 3 Finisher
Screenshot via Respawn

Unlocking this finisher is tied to unlocking Tier 3 of the Apex Commander skin.

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