How to get a Golden Ticket in Apex Legends

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In Apex Legends, there are often teasers for new seasons and similar add-ons. Leading up to Season 15 during the Fight or Fright 2022 event, there is a way to view the new map on October 19. That said, in order to get into the A New Home preview event, you need a Golden Ticket. Getting a Golden Ticket must be done in Battle Royale Trios, Duos, or Ranked Leagues, as you will need access to a Replicator. Here is how to get a Golden Ticket in Apex Legends

Crafting a Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket in Replicator
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A Golden Ticket must be crafted. In order to make sure the Golden Ticket is currently available in Apex Legends, check the Crafting Rotations in the lobby screen. If you see the Golden Ticket under special, enter a Battle Royale game. Unlike with the other craftable items, which all cost 75 Crafting Materials or less, Golden Tickets cost 125 Crafting Materials.

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The easiest way to gather materials of this number in such a short time is to land in a Point of Interest (POI) with a Replicator in it, and get your team to gather the material from every Crafting Harvester around that POI. Generally this will get your team to 75 or 100 crafting materials. You may want to find another POI to get the remaining 50, however if only 25 more are needed, remember you can also gather crafting materials via Supply Bins. Opening one is worth 5 for an individual rather than a team.

Once you have 125 Crafting Materials, find a Replicator and craft a Golden Ticket. This will craft a Golden Ticket, a golden fully kitted weapon, and some ammo. Once you have a Golden Ticket, you gain access to enter the A New Home event once it opens. Good luck!

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