How to get all four 5th Anniversary Collection Event challenge badges in Apex Legends

This one takes the cake.

Apex Legends is back to the classic way of earning Challenge Badges for the 5th Anniversary Collection Event. But the badge requirements are not the usual damage and kill challenges. Instead, there are two new mode-specific badge challenges, and a challenge tied to the biggest change of the new season. Here is how to get all four 5th Anniversary Collection Event challenge badges in Apex Legends.

5th Anniversary Collection Event Challenge Badges

All four of these Badges are only earnable via the 5th Anniversary Collection Event during the timeframe of the entire event. These badges are not split up by week and do not require Event Points like in some of the other events. Instead, you unlock them by completing challenges over the whole two weeks. All event badges are usable with any Legend.

5th Anniversary Champ Badge

Get a top 5 Finish in Straight Shot 10 Times

5th Anniversary Mixologist Badge

Win 10 Matches of Mixtape

5th Anniversary Top Tier Badge

Upgrade your Legend 50 Times

5th Anniversary Master Badge

Collect all other 5th Anniversary Badges

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Other Event Challenge Details

Since two of the badges are mode-specific, be sure you are playing more than just trios. One challenge asks you to get Top 5’s in the current Limited-Time Mode (LTM) called Straight Shot. It is similar to Trios but faster pace, less teams, and fully-kitted weapons. The other mode-specific badge just requires you to win 10 mixtape games, which can be Control, Team Deathmatch, or Gun Run. The other challenge just requires you upgrade your armor 50 times and is not specific to a certain mode or modes, though there are no upgrades in Mixtape.

The 5th Anniversary Collection Event is live in Apex Legends from February 13 until February 27.

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