How to get all four Double Take Collection Event challenge badges in Apex Legends

These designs will leave you seeing double.

Alter mixed and mashed up the Legends for the Double Take Collection Event, but the badges are pretty one note. If you like a purple-magenta coloring, you’ll definitely want to cop these for your banner. The symbology across them is fairly consistent too, but the Master Badge this time around is fun, with the event’s question mark in the center of it. Here is every Double Take Collection Event challenge badge in Apex Legends.

Double Take Collection Event Challenge Badges

The challenge badges for the Double Take Collection Event are the standard three-challenge style of badge earning, rather than based on a points system like nodes or reputation. While the number of wins needed may seem like a lot, reminder that that applies to non-battle royale game modes as well. Let’s take a look at all of the requirements.

Double Take Whiplash Badge

Deal 50,000 damage in Any Mode

Double Take Quartet Badge

Deal 12,500 Damage in Quads

Double Take Winner Badge

Win 20 Matches of Any Mode

Double Take Master Badge

Earn all other Double Take Collection Event Badges

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Other Event Challenge Details

The badges for this event are pretty easy to unlock if you do everything in the best order. The best way to do this is begin with Quads and get you 12,500 damage there. Once you have that, since it also contributes to the damage in Any Mode, switch to Mixtape. In Mixtape it is easier to get a lot of damage and wins. So, if you play that for the rest of the time until you earn your badges, you will be taking the path of least resistance.

The Double Take Collection Event is live in Apex Legends from June 25 until July 9.

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