How to get all four Shadow Society Event challenge badges in Apex Legends

Be a smooth criminal.

The Shadow Society Event in Apex Legends is following in the footsteps of the Neon Network Event’s challenge badge structure. Rather than completing specific badges for specific challenges, you need to complete daily challenges to earn points, and unlock each badge at a certain point tier. For the Shadow Society Event, you are collection Reputation Event Points. Let’s take a look.

Shadow Society Event Challenge Badges

Rather than earning badges is just about any order, the badges in the Shadow Society Event in have a linear order and are all unlocked via collecting Reputation via daily challenges. Each badge required meeting a certain threshold, in the order shown below.

Capo Shadow Society Badge

Earn 2,500 Reputation during the Shadow Society Event

Consigliere Shadow Society Badge

Earn 5,000 Reputation during the Shadow Society Event

Underboss Shadow Society Badge

Earn 10,000 Reputation during the Shadow Society Event

Boss Shadow Society Badge

Earn 15,000 Reputation during the Shadow Society Event

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Other Event Challenge Details

In order to earn these badges, you only need to earn Reputation. You don’t actually have to spend the currency on the badges. You can save that for the Reward Shop itself. For the daily missions, one of them must be completed in the Shadow Society LTM, Lockdown, while the others can be completed in any mode.

That said, the “Win 1 Match” challenge is more easily completed in either Lockdown or Mixtape, since there are less teams than in Battle Royale modes. Also reminder, that though it is not part of mixtape, Lockdown LTM is still not a Battle Royale mode either, and it only have four teams on maps of a smaller size.

The Shadow Society Event is live in Apex Legends from March 26 until April 16.

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