How to get both Gaiden Event challenge badges in Apex Legends

Become a ninja.

Naruto fans around the world rejoice. The challenge badges for the Gaiden Event are both based on ninjas and the Naruto franchise. From the iconic swirl logo, to a kunai reminiscent of Apex Legends’ own resident ninja, Wraith. Players can collect challenge badges for Gaiden Event via individual week-long challenges. As the event itself is two weeks, that means there are only two badges for the event.

There is no basic event badge on the Prize Tracker (though there is a wallpaper), and no master badge for getting the other badges in this event. That said, the badges that are present are pretty cool, and worth taking the time to unlock. Here is how to unlock both challenge badges in the Apex Legends Gaiden Event.

Gaiden Event Challenge Badges

Both of the Gaiden Event Challenge Badges are only earnable via the Gaiden Event during the timeframe specified below. All event badges are usable with any Legend.

Gaiden Scattershot Badge (Week 1) | July 19 to July 26

Deal 3000 Damage with Shotguns in Any Mode during Week 1 of the Gaiden Event

Gaiden Scattershot Badge
Image via Respawn

Gaiden Survivor Badge (Week 2) | July 26 to August 2

Survive 50 Ring Closings in Any Mode during Week 2 of the Gaiden Event

Gaiden Survivor Badge
Image via Respawn

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Other Event Challenge Details

For this challenge set, badges have no mode requirements. There are only two challenges, both achievable in any mode or a mix of modes This includes the Armed and Dangerous Limited-Time Mode (LTM) only here for the event. It is actually recommended to play Armed and Dangerous in order to earn the Gaiden Scattershot Week 1 badge, as it will be easier to find shotguns.

This is also the second time in a row that the daily challenges for the event also have no Arenas challenges. This means you can earn all of the possible points and badges for this event without ever playing an Arenas match.

The Gaiden Event is live in Apex Legends from July 19 to August 2.

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