How to get Hylian Rice in Tears of the Kingdom

Time to start mowing the lawn.

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there are hundreds of items and resources to find. This large collection includes Hylian Rice, a key component of many food dishes. If you’re having trouble tracking down this meal component, don’t worry! Here’s where you can find the resource and stock up on it quickly.

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Getting Hylian Rice in Tears of the Kingdom

While you can purchase Hylian Rice from Hateno Village, it fetches for a pretty rupee. If you want to save your money up for those nice-looking armor sets, here’s how you can get this precious ingredient for free.

Cut Grass in an Open Field

Tears of the kingdom rice location
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

The easiest way to get Hylian Rice in Tears of the Kingdom is by cutting grass with one of your blades. To do this, head to an open field with a sharp weapon. You can cut grass anywhere in Hyrule to obtain Hylian Rice. We found most of our grass patches in Gogobi Shores outside Lurelin Village. Head to the following coordinates to see where we gathered our resources (3117, -3612, 0012).

Tears of the kingdom hylian rice farming
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Once you reach an open field, look for tall grass patches. Go to the area and start swinging your blade to chop grass. You won’t get Hylian Rice every time you cut grass, but eventually, the resource will spawn.

Tears of the kingdom hylian rice
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

After you get the Hylian Rice to spawn, walk over to it and pick it up. We suggest taking advantage of big open fields and slicing as much grass as possible. You never know when you’ll need more Hylian Rice; cutting it down only takes a second.

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