How to get Suzaku (Valkyrie Heirloom) in Apex Legends

All of the Heirloom's details, and how to unlock it.

In Apex Legends, Heirlooms are one of the most coveted cosmetic types. They are the hardest items to obtain, and an Heirloom gives a specific Legend a unique melee weapon. The weapon is purely cosmetic, and comes loaded with custom melee and movement animations. Each Heirloom can be purchased with Heirloom Shards, or can be earned through a special event. Valkyrie’s Heirloom is the 14th Heirloom Melee Weapon skin in Apex Legends. Let’s take a closer look at the Valkyrie Heirloom, and how to unlock it.

Suzaku (Valkyrie Heirloom) Details

Valkyrie Heirloom
Screenshot via Respawn
  • Weapon Name: Suzaku
  • Legend: Valkyrie
  • Rarity: Mythic
  • Date Added: June 21, 2022
  • Debut Season: Season 13: Saviors
  • Debut Event: Awakening Collection Event
  • Colors: Yellow-orange, dark grey, silver, gold, white

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How to unlock Suzaku (Valkyrie Heirloom)

Unlocking Valkyrie’s Heirloom, the Suzaku, is the same as most past Heirlooms, but note each Heirloom correlates with a specific Collection Event.

Unlocking an Heirloom via their Collection Event

This method is only available between June 21 and July 5. If you unlock every item in the Awakening Collection Event, regardless of method (bundles, Apex Coins, Crafting Materials, etc.), you are gifted the Suzaku Valkyrie Heirloom. Each collection contains 24 cosmetics: 12 Legendary, and 12 Epic.

Unlocking an Heirloom via the Mythic Store

From July 5 onward, you can purchase the Suzaku Heirloom for 150 Heirloom Shards. You can find it in the Heirloom tab of the Mythic Store. Note that Heirloom Shards are the rarest currency in the game, so if you want Valkyrie’s Heirloom for sure, clearing out the Collection Event is the best way.

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