How to get the Cyberdemon Mythic Skin in Overwatch 2

Add Overwatch 2's first Mythic Skin to your cosmetic collection.

Overwatch 2 is finally out for PC and Consoles. The sequel to Blizzard’s hero shooter brings several new item types for players to unlock, including a new cosmetic tier: the Mythic Skin. At launch, everyone’s favorite cyborg ninja, Genji, gets the Cyberdemon Mythic Skin that players can unlock, provided they put the time in on Overwatch 2.

Find out how to add the first Mythic Skin in Overwatch 2 to your collection here.

What are Mythic Skins in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 Genji Cyberdemon image 2 mythic skin
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Mythic Skins are a new skin rarity that surpasses even the legendary variants. Unlike other skins in Overwatch, players can customize Mythic Skins, changing the colors, designs, patterns, and armor pieces. How this skin looks in-game depends on player preference.

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Where to find Genji’s Cyberdemon Mythic Skin

Overwatch 2 Mythic Skin Genji Cyberdemon what are mythics
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Players can find Genji’s Cyberdemon Mythic Skin at the end of Overwatch 2’s Season 1 Premium Battle Pass. Those who purchase the Premium Battle Pass can get this skin as a reward once they hit Tier 80. You’ll need to work quickly to get this skin, as Battle Passes last for a single season, swapping every nine weeks in Overwatch 2.

Progressing through the Battle Pass

Overwatch 2 Battle Pass New Cosmetics Charms Skins Items Sprays
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The best way to progress through the Battle Pass in Overwatch 2 is by completing Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal challenges. These missions get players the experience they need to level up the Battle Pass. Daily challenges offer a tiny reward but are easy to complete, while weekly and seasonal challenges take more time and effort. The higher the tier, the better the boost.

Future Mythics in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Genji Mythic Skin Cyberdemon
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Mythic Skins in Overwatch 2 have a planned release of at least one per season. Blizzard confirmed that Season 2 would feature another Mythic Skin as part of the upcoming Battle Pass, which likely lies at the end of the future battle pass. Blizzard shared this info via the Overwatch 2 Content Overview.

Overwatch 2 Season 1 Season 2 unlocks new content
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Though we know when the next Mythic Skin drops in Overwatch 2, who it’s for remains a mystery. However, more information will come from Blizzard in the coming weeks.

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