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First come first serve.

In Apex Legends, Olympus is full of interactive Points of Interest (POIs), such as the boxing ring at Pathfinder’s Fight Night, or the loot-conjuring device at Phase Driver. However, there is another POI with two different interactive elements. Lifeline’s Clinic has a healing area inside as its central interactive feature. That said, there is also a way to get high-tier loot: Players can call in a neutral Care Package.

Calling in the Lifeline’s Clinic Care Package

Calling in the Lifeline’s Clinic Care Package is easy in some ways, but difficult some others. The Care Package will always be in the same place. Behind the actual Clinic building, there is an area that looks like a helipad. On the far side of the pad there is digital display. If it is green, you can press the interact button in order to summon the Care Package.

Note that it is in fact a neutral (orange) Care Package (also called a Supply Drop). Even though the POI is Lifeline’s Takeover, it is not a Lifeline Care Package. The Lifeline Care Package (blue) is only for her Ultimate.

Care Package Display at Lifeline's Clinic
Screenshot by Radiant G

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You Snooze, You Lose

The Care Package will land relatively quickly after you press it, and the system will turn red. Once a team has summoned in the Care Package, that is it. The opened Care Package does not disappear, and no other teams can call a new Care Package in. This is different from the Phase Driver, which resets after a certain amount of time.

This means if you want to get the Lifeline’s Clinic Care Package, you will want to make the Clinic your landing spot. If it is too far away to drop to, you can also drop at the Golden Gardens, and then work your way over.

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