How to get the Sukajan Kiriko Skin in Overwatch 2

Grab this Legendary Sukajan skin before it disappears.

With Overwatch 2 launching on all platforms, players can enjoy the latest version of Blizzard’s hero shooter. To celebrate the game’s launch, Blizzard has a new Legendary Sukajan Kiriko skin available for a limited time. Make sure to add this striking skin to your collection before the event ends in mid-October by completing the missions laid out by Blizzard.

Overwatch 2’s Season 1 Twitch Drops

Overwatch 2 Kiriko Legendary skin
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Kiriko’s Sukajan Legendary skin is one of several Twitch drop rewards. The following Twitch drops are available from October 7 at 2:00 PM PDT until October 16 at 11:59 PM PDT.

  • Legendary Sukajan Kiriko Skin

Once the event ends, the Kiriko skin will become unavailable to those who miss it. After the Sukajan Kiriko campaign ends, players can earn another set of rewards starting on October 17 at 11:00 AM PDT and ending on October 24 at 12:00 AM PDT. The second week’s drops are listed below:

  • Razor Sharp Kiriko Spray
  • Donut Weapon Charm

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How to Get Your Kiriko Skin

Overwatch 2 Kiriko Header Ult
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

You’ll need to tie your Twitch and accounts to claim these Legendary drops in Overwatch 2, so check to see that your files share data.

Even if you’ve linked accounts before, Blizzard recommends double-checking after Overwatch 2’s launch, as some accounts are disconnected. Once you link your Twitch and accounts, you’ll need to complete two separate objectives to earn all cosmetics in this event.

  • Legendary Sukajan Kiriko Skin
    • Watch Overwatch 2 on Twitch for 6 hours.
  • Razor Sharp Kiriko Spray and Donut Weapon Charm
    • Watch Overwatch 2 on Twitch for 2 hours.

After you watch six hours of Overwatch on Twitch, head to your Twitch Inventory page and claim your rewards. Since getting all the items from the Kiriko event takes up to six hours, we recommend turning on an Overwatch stream on your PC or Mobile device and leaving it running. You don’t have to be present for Twitch to log your time, so play some Overwatch while you wait!

Once you’ve claimed your rewards, you’ll have to wait up to 24 hours for Blizzard to deposit the items into your account. Rewards earned during the Twitch drop campaign are permanent, so you’ll own this gear indefinitely. Soon you’ll be the best-looking Kiriko in Overwatch!

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