How to have a picnic in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Take a break from your Pokemon journey with a lovely little picnic.

Adventuring with your Pokemon is full of possibilities. From collecting new Pokemon, to battling with your team. But that isn’t all there is. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can also bond with them by setting up a picnic. Picnics are a fun way to play with, heal, and build bonds with your team. Here is how to have a picnic in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Picnicking Alone or with Friends

Picnic table Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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You can throw picnics with just you and your Pokemon in offline mode. In you are playing in a group via Union Circle, you can have picnics with your friends as well. You can raise your Pokemon’s EXP through picnics. At a picnic, you can whistle to gain your Pokemon’s attention, play with a ball with them, talk to them, and even wash them.

Washing Your Pokemon

Picnic washing a Pokemon
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Washing your Pokemon is a fun and helpful way to bond with your team. Washing a Pokemon will help heal them if they are damaged, and also make them like you more. Raising certain Pokemon’s friendship level can also evolve them.

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Where to have a Picnic

Picnic and Pokemon
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You cannot have picnics in towns, on inclines, or in small, enclosed areas. The best place for a picnic is a wide-open space not in towns or cities. In order to set down your picnic table, press X, and then select Picnic from the menu.

Overall, picnics require certain specs in order to have them, but once you do, there are so many ways to bond with your Pokemon. If you haven’t had one yet, be sure to try them out!

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