How to level up fast in FFXIV

Climb to the top of the MMO food chain with quick leveling strategies.

FFXIV is an expansive MMO with plenty of ways for players to enjoy themselves. While many players participate specifically for the main story, some users love grinding and leveling up.

The best way to level up your first class in FFXIV is via the FFXIV MSQ. The Main Scenario Quests in FFXIV can take players through most of their leveling experience from levels 1-90. While players may need to grind occasionally, they rarely need to stray from the main story for their first class.

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FFXIV Leveling Activities

Unlike other MMOs, players can play every class on a single character in FFXIV. Because there are over a dozen jobs for users to master, leveling up can take time. Despite the story working well for primary classes, you’ll need alternative methods to advance other jobs.

FFXIV Level up strategies
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If you’re looking to level up your other classes in Final Fantasy XIV or want a break from the main story, there are several options you can take when exploring Eorzea. We’ve listed the best leveling options for you below.

  • Duty Roulettes
    • A great way to earn daily experience in FFXIV is via the Duty Roulette. This event lets players replay dungeons and missions from the MSQ with other players. Once players complete Dungeons, Trials, and Raids for the first time, they join the Duty Roulette pool. Finishing a duty in each tab of the roulette grants increased experience and rewards. Make sure to do this event on alternate jobs to level them up while you play FFXIV.
  • Deep Dungeons
    • Fight hordes of enemies with a party in an ever-evolving dungeon of your making. At level 17, players can take on The Palace of the Dead, climbing from level one to fight increasingly challenging enemies. If you want an extra challenge, you can try Heaven-on-High at level 61. No two runs are alike, and you can even party up to tackle this unique content.
  • Trials
    • Some of the game’s most exciting content is the Trials. Take on a single boss with a party of seven other players, including franchise-favorite adversaries like Shiva, Garuda, Titan, and more. If you want an extra challenge, take on Extreme Trials, which even offer a chance at rare and coveted mounts. With dozens of Trails to attempt, there’s plenty to spice up your adventures when the FFXIV MSQ isn’t keeping you entertained.
  • Raids
    • Those interested in taking on multiple bosses simultaneously with other players can participate in Raids. Take on unique enemies with large groups of players for a challenge unlike anywhere else in this MMO. Normal Raids and Alliance Raids often offer special rewards, including armor not found anywhere else in FFXIV.
  • Challenge Logs
    • At earlier levels, leveling up can take time. Duty Roulettes, Deep Dungeons, Trials, and Raids are only available to players at particular levels. If you’re playing FFXIV with a lower-level class, Challenge Logs are a great way to level up your character. Hunt down specific monsters and enemies for increased experience. Though this process is time-consuming, it’s better than killing low-level monsters for hours.

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